Cheaters: DNC Style

clintonI’m not even a Democrat, but the way the ‪‎DNC rigged the primary election to favor Hillary Clinton & against Bernie Sanders is absolutely ridiculous. They plotted to use his religion against him & all sorts of other nonsense. I’m not surprised, but I just don’t understand why more Democrats aren’t outraged, yet quite a few are. If I had evidence that the GOP was doing the same thing, I’d give them plenty of hell about it.The fact that Clinton isn’t, is evidence of her collusion & shows her true character, or lack thereof. I’d stop nothing short of full house cleaning if the GOP did this. If I were Jewish, or a Democrat there’d be hell for them to pay in November. It’s really amazing that Sanders got 45% of the vote despite the circumstances.The entire DP primary race was compromised, but it’s evidence of a greater systemic problem – the use of political legerdemain to guarantee a certain result. Voting becomes a formality, rather than an exercise in democracy when we allow cheating. Voter fraud becomes the least of our worries when there’s candidate fraud.





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Today’s Musings


Every now & then in political discussions, I lose my cool, but I have plenty of friends who will let me know if they think my tone is too harsh in a post or article. For that I am grateful. I’m no more or less human than the next person. I just hate to see so much wasted potential & opportunities on the right, when it comes to sharing the great things that ‪#‎conservatism‬ has to offer. A lot of my friends are ‪#‎Democrats‬, and they follow my page even if they don’t comment. They will reach out to me privately from time to time to discuss things with me, and, they see all of the insensitive, exaggerated, and some outright ‪#‎racist‬ things some say & support. Even if they were unhappy w/the Democratic Party (which many are), why would they join forces with a side, which has members, who think an ignorant black man telling black Americans (whom he claims want to “go back to Africa”) about all of the welfare benefits they’ll lose with such a move is funny. And he does this, while voraciously eating fried chicken, and so many whites on the right think that’s entertaining. So do some black conservatives who are all to willing to ingratiate them. They will throw the black community under the bus for white approval.

Why would they join forces w/a side who calls our president a “cop hating terrorist” TWO days after he signs into law a measure to aid the police in identifying violent threats? Why would they fool with people who blame‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ for the Dallas shootings when some of them were injured too, by the shooter, along with the police there to protect them? They also immediately condemned the shooter. A black person would have to be crazy to align with such persons after seeing & reading those things. Then, with a straight face, some on the right will tell them how stupid they are for allowing Democrats to bamboozle them, as if a cogent argument can’t be made in favor of the tenets of liberalism. I may not agree with it, but I certainly won’t arrogantly proclaim my superiority. In this political season, there’s much talk about things that “matter” from black lives, to blue lives, to all lives. to nine lives, and the world still turns. Sadly, it’s obvious to me that the most important thing that should matter to all, doesn’t. ‪#‎Truth‬

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Are You Botching Your Dialogue?

Today we are going to talk about dialogue. Everyone thinks they are great at it, and many would be wrong. Dialogue really is a lot tricker than it might seem. Great dialogue is one of the most vita…

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Affirmative Action: The SCOTUS Has Ruled

I have mixed feelings about this ‪SCOTUS ruling – really any such battle over using ‪#‎race‬ as a factor in ‪#‎college‬ admissions. ‪#‎Diversity‬ is a great thing, but I wouldn’t want a person w/less qualifications picked over someone better qualified because of their gender or race…etc. The harsh reality is, that if college admissions were strictly based on merits, foreign students would dominate the student body of American universities. Asian, African, Indian & students from the Caribbean would be dominant, w/American students being at the bottom of the barrel. In college, I admired the strong work ethic of my friends from Jamaica, Nigeria & Japan in particular. Most ‪#‎American‬ students are lazy compared to them, hands down.

I have a problem with public colleges & universities using race as a factor in the 21st century, but there was a time when this was necessary. Private schools can do what they want, however. Think of the students who attend HBCU’s, where the student population is close to 100% black. Aren’t they admitted on a strict ‪#‎meritocracy‬? White students who attend these schools have to have the grades/scores to make the cut. Their whiteness is irrelevant. Morehouse College in Atlanta even had a white valedictorian several years ago. And yes, there are whites who attend HBCU’s. Nepotism is also a factor for a small percentage, but I think some are afraid that if race is not a factor, it will keep black American students from getting in. What they fail to realize is that a whole lot of white students wouldn’t either.

The woman who sued the ‪#‎Texas‬ university for its use of race as a factor lost, because race was only one of several factors used, and, if there were white students less qualified than she admitted, that casts doubt on her claim & the school’s motives. The highest court in the land has affirmed, that schools can use race as a factor in admissions, but I certainly hope this won’t always be necessary:



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Democrats & Republicans: NO You Don’t Have to Choose!


I’ve been saying this for a number of years throughout social media, but it bears repeating yet again. By now all of you should know that both primary races have come to an end & in November Americans will cast ballots to elect either Hillary Clinton (D) or Donald Trump (R) as our next commander in chief. Some (like me) who are disgusted with this reality are choosing to either not vote at all, or as is the case with me, vote for a third party candidate. This has caused many on both sides to make it their business to tell others that they must vote for a Democrat or Republican. Of course, I don’t agree with this assessment nor the accompanying bullying that normally rides along with it. You DO NOT “have” to vote exclusively between‪ #‎Democrats‬ & ‪#‎Republicans‬. This rhetoric often comes the mouths of the “sheeple” who keep saying this, in different manifestations of the same flawed reasoning:

“If you vote 3rd party or not at all, it’s the same as voting for your opposition,” – Folks, every election cycle both sides have members who don’t vote or don’t vote for their guy/gal. Every time. The only thing that matters is which side has the higher ratio of this. Not voting for ‪#‎Trump‬ or not voting, only means anything if ‪#‎Clinton‬ has a smaller amount of constituency who does this. If the percentage is about the same then it balances out. It’s an egregious false equivalency from unprincipled cowards.

“If you don’t vote it’s a slap in the face to those who fought for our (blacks, women) right to do so,” – its the race & gender card hurled as one. There’s a huge difference between not having a right at all or being intimidated from exercising it, and simply choosing to not to exercise it of your own volition. The right to vote doesn’t vanish into thin air because one chooses not to. In fact, when we are presented with poor choices it’s a bolder statement which says, “Neither of you are worthy of something as valuable as my vote & you will not force me to choose between two equally bad choices,” I don’t think choosing between two evils is quite what Women’s rights suffragettes and Civil Rights activists had in mind for posterity.

When people try to lay the guilt trip on you or bully you into supporting something or someone that goes against your good judgement, stand your ground & remember that you only have to answer to self.

Until next musing…




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The Steamfunk Canon!

The Steamfunk Canon!

Chronicles of Harriet

A while ago, I wrote The Dieselfunk Canon, providing a list of books considered the definitive works in Dieselfunk.

Since Dieselfunk is the literary sibling of Steamfunk – and since this is the year Steamfunk comes back at you like gangbusters with the release of three novels – I figured it is now time to provide you with the Steamfunk Canon.

Here, you will not find Steampunk books that simply have a Black protagonist. No, these are books written by authors who proudly identify their work as Steamfunk and who skillfully deliver Funktastic stories in the genre.

Alright, Steamfunkateers…here goes:

Moses: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman (Books 1 and 2) by Balogun Ojetade

harriet tubman“I’m gon’ drive the evil out and send it back to Hell, where it belong!” – Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman: Freedom fighter. Psychic. Soldier. Spy. Something…more. Much more.

In MOSES: The Chronicles of Harriet…

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On Hulk Hogan & His Racist Rant


hulk hoganAs far as ‪#‎HulkHogan‬ is concerned, I’m very disappointed in his racist rant. I had really hoped that it wasn’t true, honestly, but it is what it is. I really liked him as a person & as a wrestler. My brother & I used to watch him faithfully as children when he was wrestling.  We attempted to mimic his wrestling moves in fact, often one of us was injured in the process. The WWE Hall of Fame has decided to give him the boot & I sort of have mixed feelings about that because the HOF is about wrestling – the sport, not personal choices BUT, as a private entity they can make their own rules & do whatever they want, and I respect that. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the current “politically correct” societal trend of bashing & banning those who say things which any segment of society may find offensive is abhorrent to me. I have seen some on the right already defending him, not all.

I’ve seen some on the left who don’t think his being kicked out of the HOF is enough – again, some not all. Do we have freedom of speech? Yes….but private entities who do not receive government funds, can do what they want as far as freedom or censorship goes. Is his language offensive? Sure to many, but before some make their “but black people use the N word too” arguments, I challenge them to tell me – which black people? When? Where? Because we are not monolithic & I personally am offended by N word usage even from black people & I don’t let them off the hook. It’s a strawman argument really, because black colloquial usage does not justify white pejorative usage in any way. That’s all I have to say about this…

Until next time,

Talitha McEachin

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