I Didn’t Create This Post, Someone Else Did!

20 Jul
I Didn’t Create This Post, Someone Else Did!

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I have to tell you all, that never before in my life, did I think we’d have such an irresponsible, inept & instigative president as what we have had since 2008 with Barack Hussein Obama. Here again, we have more incendiary, divisive rhetoric from one whose job it is to bring Americans together regardless of our backgrounds or personal situations. If you have not heard the latest case of “My teleprompter wasn’t working so I just went with the flow” syndrome, here it is below and I have to apologize to you all in advance: Yes, this is fifty-six seconds of your life you’ll never get back and for that I apologize:


One of the things that has always baffled me about the liberal attitude towards the wealthy is this notion that they had to cheat or steal in order to gain their wealth and/or that no hard work was ever involved. Even the children of the wealthy born with silver spoons in their mouths had someone who worked their butts off at some point in time to make their lifestyles so. As a Christian, I believe in biblical teachings and principles on fiscal matters one of which is found in Proverbs 13:22 which states:

 “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”

 In other words, we are supposed to work hard and create wealth to provide not just for the living members of our families but for generations to come <gasp!>. I don’t know which version of the Bible Barack Obama (a self-professed Christian) is reading from, but I trust my version with Proverbs written by Solomon and not Karl Marx. Barack Obama’s rhetoric (along with his policies) have only caused more strife throughout the fabric of America. He chastises those who have ambition and are responsible for innovation. He discourages economic growth and prosperity and is a champion instead of entitlements designed to keep American citizens dependent on the government rather than self. Somehow in his magical world businesses aren’t created by the business owners – “somebody else” did it.

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

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