GOP….Not In My Hood!

14 Dec
GOP….Not In My Hood!

This week’s featured guest blogger is Mr. Tyrone Jackson, a conservative & small business owner, who hails from Ohio. My friend Walter Myers III & I have been very vocal in speaking about the GOP’s lack of interest (as a whole) in doing community outreach. In fact, critics argue that this was a huge factor in Mitt Romney’s recent loss in the presidential race against President Barack Obama, especially with regards to the Hispanic voters. Mr. Jackson wrote a very honest letter to his local GOP and I’d like to share it with you all. If the GOP continues to ignore communities such as Mr. Jackson’s, then quite frankly, we will continue to lose. Please read & share, share, share!

Here it is:
I wanted to share this letter I wrote to our local GOP strategist. (I also sent it to Rush Limbaugh I want to see who replies first.)

Mr. Luketic,

My name is Tyrone Jackson and I am a resident of Franklin County, Ohio. My family is African American and we live very near the border of the Linden Community and the Clintonville Community (near Hudson and I-71). We own a small business that manufacturers all natural, locally sourced frankfurters and sausages. For more information visit:

I feel very torn writing this email because I wish to praise and sharply criticize your organization.

Firstly, I want to praise the Republican Party for honoring the spirit of America’s long history of success through personal initiative. This spirit is most ideally represented through the class of people, who like myself and my family, call themselves entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs work tirelessly to create, self sufficiency and security for themselves and their loved ones firstly, and secondly, for societal progress through the filling of market or social needs.

I mentioned the neighborhood that I live in because it leads to my criticism.

I am a business owner, I am conservatively oriented; and I am a father that is married to a wife in the traditional sense. It appears, however, that all of those qualities are second to that fact that I happen to be living in an economically poor neighborhood.

Not only were there no Republican offices anywhere near my community, but there were no billboards, no one coming by my house, and in short, there was no Republican presence in my community. How can you grow your organization by alienating the urban communities and further intrenching a misconception that your organization is only for well to do, well established, mostly white families?

Enough of that. I trust my point has been made clear. I now want to offer an observation and a suggestion.

Observation: Americans have lost their connection with the spirit that has made America great. This disconnect has allowed resentment and blame to creep in and settle. In a way, the financial crises of 2008 cemented the feeling of resentment. Mr. Obama and the Democratic party have capitalized on this feeling. And in doing so, have identified the Republican party with greedy capitalist, their families, and their supporters.

Suggestion: The American people must reattach themselves to the Spirit of America. This can be done by creating a coalition of entrepreneurs, citizens, and the Republican Party that promotes entrepreneurship in low income neighborhoods. The program would focus on

1. the historical significance of the United States of America and the capitalistic system,2. Creating an environment and funding that supports the entrepreneurial experience, and3. providing access to individuals and experiences that stretch the participants cultural and socioeconomic exposure.

It is really important that this program not be funded through the government or the banking institutions. It must demonstrate unassisted innovation and genuine concern, from people who have succeeded, extended back toward those who desire and who are striving to succeed.

This single act, carried out in ghettos and low income neighborhoods would destroy the negative image that the Republican Party has found itself attached to. More importantly, this type of program would make a difference in the individual participants, their families, and their communities.

Visit my website and see what I am doing. I am building a business that is, at the same time, an entrepreneurial classroom. I want to support people who are actively trying to better their lives. We are building and funding this initiative ourselves because we care about what happens to our community and to people like us. In short we are reflecting the American Spirit in our community and the Republican Party could gain ground in a democratic foothold by supporting this and these types of efforts.

Which ever course that you take, please correct your approach toward low income communities. It appears both callous and negligent. Please let me know if there is anyway that I can help your organization be of service.



Tyrone Jackson


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