15 Jan

Wonderful thoughts from my fellow Conservative & CainTV writer Demetrius Minor. Happy 84th birthday Dr. King!




As we commemorate the 84th birthday of Martin Luther King, we reflect upon the courage and wisdom of the slain civil rights leader. He was undeniably a beacon of hope and a pillar of light in the midst of the dark and evil times in which he lived. He inspired many, including myself to dream and persevere, despite the challenges and obstacles that may easily seem to surmount us.

 While the accomplishments of Dr. King are deserved and many, it intrigues me to ponder the thought of how MLK would view America if he were alive today. As we continue to see the downward spiral in the American economy, class warfare that is being driven by political elites, and an insufferable secular agenda that is constantly promoted by Hollywood, there is definitely a valid reason to want to lose faith in humanity.

 Despite these obstacles, MLK envisioned the…

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