The Truth About Gun Violence

02 Feb
The Truth About Gun Violence


I had to share this with you all and please do share, share, share! This is a must view for everyone. This immigrant to the U.S. understands the “gun control” issue better than most citizens born in America. With each incident of gun violence/mass shooting, many think the solution is to disarm people which is a huge mistake & a violation of the Constitution. As he asserts, if stricter gun laws/disarming citizens worked then we’d see a decrease in gun violence in D.C. & Chicago, two cities in states with the strictest gun laws there are & yet the highest homicide rates. Strict gun laws did not deter gun violence in those places & it won’t anywhere else. The moral fabric of America has declined tremendously & that’s the reason for all of this gun violence. Some people just don’t value their own lives, let alone anyone else’s. We must be able to protect ourselves from such people. I didn’t grow up with guns in the home but now I own a gun & go to the shooting range regularly. I won’t hesitate to shoot anyone who tries to harm my family or I in self-defense. Not a wound, I’ll shoot you dead if you invade my home & try to harm my family. That’s a promise & I have that right. So does every responsible American. These politicians need to understand this. I have written letters & called my representatives/senators & you should too. Let them know that we will not stand for any legislation taking guns out of the hands of responsible owners but we will, however, support efforts to fix the problem at it’s true roots:


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2 responses to “The Truth About Gun Violence

  1. Brent

    February 2, 2013 at 4:08 am

    Self-defense is not the only thing that the second amendment is about. The right to bear arms this is not a right. We the people must bear arms it is our responsibility. We must have the opportunity to maintain the power over our country. This is how you maintain a democracy. I also believe at this time it is crucial we the people of the USA maintain our responsibility to bear arms. The people of 200 years ago they owned the military style weapon of there time. The rifles we have now are not fully automatic. We have semi automatic rifle you pull the trigger one bullet and only one comes out.

    • teemtwo

      February 16, 2013 at 11:17 am

      I disagree that the right to bear arms is not a right but I do agree with the rest of your comment. We don’t live in a democracy though but rather a democratic republic – that’s an important distinction.


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