Today’s Tragedy in Boston

15 Apr


Boston MarathonI’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the two explosions that went off on the finish line of the Boston marathon & the one at the JFK library. I don’t have much to say except that my prayers go out to the families affected by this. I’ll wait for the investigation before I comment further. Here is more information, reported live as developments are available by Yahoo. Let us not rush to judgment before an investigation calling this an act of terrorism before we have more information. I have already seen reports from the left & right accusing the other side of being responsible. Friends, I urge you all to withhold accusations of terrorism for the tragedies from today in Boston until investigations are completed. Already, I have read accusations from the left that the Tea Party/right-wingers was/were involved and from the right I have read accusations that the “Muslim extremists” were behind it. No one knows right now who is responsible, so let us not draw conclusions with so little information available. Both sides have already begun accusing the other & I am very disgusted by this. If we cannot see how premature & wrong this is then as a species, humans are doomed due to their own stupidity. Seriously, folks let’s chill out until we know more absolutes.


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