Father’s Day Introspection…

16 Jun
Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

One of the things I’ve noticed between the two holidays designated to honor parents, is that too many greetings toward men are more often phrased in a condescending way. Each year I see things like “Happy Father’s Day to the men who are taking care of their kids/doing what they are supposed to be doing/sticking around for their kids/not out in the streets/setting an example/not out there making babies everywhere…etc” – In other words it is more often phrased in the form of what a good father is not doing, and I think that’s a sad state of affairs. This is further exacerbated by greetings directed towards women on this day as well. Women aren’t fathers, so I find that especially silly. A woman who wishes mothers a “Happy Father’s Day, diminishes the role of men and in effect, attempts to render the institution gender-neutral – whether deliberately or out of ignorance. Excuse my candor, but being a father requires a penis, and if you were not born with one, you’re incapable of being a father.

I don’t understand why some cannot honor the institution of fatherhood without indirectly (or directly) reflecting father's daynegative images & stereotypes of men. I don’t know about you all, but I had a wonderful father who was very loving, affectionate, wise, a disciplinarian – his good qualities far outweighed any negative ones. I know some of you either didn’t have your Dad in your life or didn’t know him but just once, I wish those individuals would focus on the institution of fatherhood and honor it, instead of keeping the negative father/male images in the forefront of their greetings to men in general & the ones in their lives. After all, those who were not raised by a Dad, should understand (in some ways more) how important the institution of fatherhood is, having had it absent from their lives. I just don’t see this disdain on Mother’s Day, as if all mothers are good ones. Happy Father’s Day to all of the men who are fathers – with no strings attached. I appreciate you. I appreciate the institution of fatherhood. May God Bless you!

Psalm 103:13 
As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him.


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3 responses to “Father’s Day Introspection…

  1. Phil

    June 16, 2013 at 11:43 am

    A Mother cannot fully be a Father….the single biggest cause of poverty and crime is breakdown of the family with the sperm donors thinking its cool and the girsl having no sense of self worth and dignity. Pushed as a good thing by F’in’ liberals…single motherhood….worst thing to ever happen to our society…and doubly bad for the black community where 70% of births are to single Moms…I applaud them for at least they did not kill their babys in abortion…but when are black men going to step up and be real Fathers…all other races too…buy seems worse in black communities…anyway we are all f**ked by the complete breakdown in society…thank you immorality and liberalism you have done your job well….. It doesn’t have to be this way…if role models are great women like Condi Rice….Judge Jeannine on Fox and many of the conservative women living relatives of MLK…and many others….instaed of glorifying the prizon gang/street culture of violence, drugs,sex ect……………………EVERYBODY take responsibility and raise your children right…men be real men…women take charge of your bodies and your lives and do what is right for your kids….please!

  2. Phil

    June 16, 2013 at 11:46 am

    What a totally beautiful picture…a COMPLETE family…Mom, Dad and beautiful children…iconic pic!

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    June 28, 2013 at 9:55 pm

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