The “N” Word, The “C” Word: Selective vs Convenient Outrage

29 Jun


Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

I don’t use pejoratives of any kind towards any group, but last year when I wrote the series “The Top 10 Things that Black & White People Want to Know about One Another but Won’t Ask” for CainTV , one of the blogs was about the use of the “N word“. I literally talked to thousands of white & black people about how they felt about the pejoratives used towards them (“nigger”/”cracker”) and overwhelmingly, black people were offended by the word “nigger” (some from whites only & some no matter the race – I happen to be in the latter group), while white people were not so offended by “cracker” or “honky”. In fact, less than 10% of the white people I surveyed were offended. Some even laughed at the notion that they should be quite frankly.

Looking back on those threads throughout social media, the emailed responses I received, and recorded responses from people I spoke with, it is amazing how many of the same people who said they weren’t offended a year ago, are suddenly offended & sensitive to it, in the aftermath of Paula Deen drama & in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial. It’s a glaring difference. I’ll never, ever tell anyone what should & should not offend them because that’s for each person to determine for themselves, but the difference of one year is astonishing….and very telling. If black people who are offended by Paula Deen’s use of the N word, yet not offended by intraracial use of it are demonstrating “selective outrage” (as many on the right love to point out & I would agree to an extent), then white people who were not offended by “cracker” a year ago, yet are suddenly offended now, are demonstrating “convenient outrage”. Some want to be offended, so they can feel better about disparaging Rachel Jeantel & her admission that Trayvon Martin used the term “creepy a** cracker” and defend Paula Deen’s use of the word, or give her a pass. What’s the best way to do that that with ease? Suddenly pretend to be offended by a pejorative which some could have cared less about only a year ago. As the 18 year old daughter of a friend so eloquently expressed to me:

“I’m not offended by being called a honky or a cracker because neither of those words have long and bloody histories of disgusting hatred and oppression behind them. Had they been used during some sort of inhumane torture of my people I might get mad. But they weren’t, while most racial slurs against people of color were. A POC using a name against a white person won’t do much to the white person besides hurt their feelings, if that. White people using racial slurs exhibits deep roots of xenophobia and racism, things which will continue to hinder the progression of equality until they are abolished.”

 Pejoratives used by persons outside of the acceptable use community are often frowned upon and punished severely in our society. White people can call one another “honky”or “cracker” but blacks can’t do it without the possibility of being offensive. The same is true for the N word when used by non-black persons, “spic” when used by non-Hispanics, “hymie” when used by non-Jewish persons (although I have never heard a Jewish person call another Jew a “hymie”), heterosexual use of the words “fag/faggot” – even women can call one another bitches, but if a man does it there’s hell to pay.

These are just linguistic, social etiquette nuances which we have created and allowed to flourish for so long. The only exceptions I found in my research, was familiarity with the user & that’s almost always with people under the age of 30. It’s not fair, it’s not right, I don’t like it, but to ignore this about the English language & hurl accusations of hypocrisy or “selective outrage” is simply dishonest. The bastard (spoken) English language is one of the most confusing, inconsistent & manipulated languages spoken. Our dictionaries are not the problem, we are.

Just an observation…


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9 responses to “The “N” Word, The “C” Word: Selective vs Convenient Outrage

  1. Veronica L. Knack

    June 29, 2013 at 5:58 am

    I wholeheartedly agree!

  2. Jesusland

    June 29, 2013 at 11:39 am

    Does one have to feel that feeling of “offended” for a term to be racist? Or is does the INTENT of the person using that term also matter? Cracker is used by blacks as an insult. Period. That’s all that matters. That alone makes it a racist term. It’s up to you on the receiving end if you’re going to feel that feeling of “offended” when someone hurls a slur at you, whether it be the N word or cracker. But that’s an entirely different matter than the INTENT of the word.

    • teemtwo

      June 29, 2013 at 11:55 am

      I agree but as I said, the same people who told me they weren’t offended when black people hurled the word at them a year ago are now offended. It’s inconsistent. I asked them a very specific question and they are now contradicting themselves.

  3. JC

    July 12, 2013 at 2:47 am

    I question your quoted paragraph. It doesn’t sound like it came from a very educated person to me. Besides, saying it came from a white person who uses “POC” or person/people of color as a term definitely raises a red flag. You don’t even hear that in Politically Correct politics much less in a civil law school. Sounds like someone is trying to embrace the term that was derived from “Women of Color” for their benefit of continual separation. As POC regards to basically anyone who is not white, more or less, it’s an urban term. And, I can say I know numerous Latin folk from Mexico through Panama past Colombia and even over to Brazil and white folk, to them, simply are “gringos”, even in L.A. Too bad though, because the people who tried to made POC catch in the 90’s to replace other terms such as “nonwhite” failed. So, double red flag for saying an 18 year old white girl said this statement.

    Anyways, going on, you are basically saying this “white person” is saying it’s ok, to them, for a random black person to call them racial slurs and it’s no problem. I don’t believe you and even if that is remotely true that person should be categorized with the mentality of a moron and not quoted. With that said, why are you taking advantage of them? Is it in trying to further push your point of view.

    “White people using racial slurs exhibits deep roots of xenophobia and racism, things which will continue to hinder the progression of equality until they are abolished.”

    Interesting you speak so fondly of this as to even consider it “eloquent”. Let’s cut out the all the extra words used to make the statement… more subtle and hide the racist even genocidal message in it that I truly doubt a white person, nonetheless a white person with a moronic mentality, would ever say against their own with full understanding of what they are speaking.

    White people using racial slurs will continue to hinder the progression of equality until they are abolished.

    Heck, we don’t even use correct punctuation when quoting, and you’re an author! So let’s just cut out some more where the commas should be.

    White people will continue to hinder the progression of equality until they are abolished.

    If you look at the original sentence, xenophobia and racism are not “things”. A “thing” is a noun which describes a person, place, thing or even idea. Xenophobia and racism are not any of those. They are trait/characteristics. A “white person” however, falls under what a noun describes. Basically calling a white person a “thing”. You might as well make it proper noun and capitalize “thing” as blatant as the sentence is.

    Also, you cannot abolish a person’s trait without destroying the person. ’nuff said.

    I’m unsure of who you talk to or think you know. But “cracker” has always been offensive to me as well as, nigger, spic even chink. I’m sorry you met flip-floppers who changed their mind, was it this “18 year old” white girls parents? But hey, does this current event ring a bell? No, not my son’s voice yelling for help, then later, yes, my sons voice yelling for help, your Honor.

    Anyways, you don’t see white folk publicly wearing shirts that say “hang the nigger” with a picture of some ass clown who just committed a crime against a white person or hearing white people publicly say even display racial slurs like it’s a normal everyday thing to them. But it seems those atrocities happen much more often and more violently, in regards to when it comes to black crime against whites, even against blacks themselves.

    Ya know. I read an article the other day and I believe it. I am referring to the Rasmussen Report. It has polls showing that blacks are in favor that blacks are more racist than whites. Overall, 37 percent of Americans feel that black Americans are the most racist among the three ethnic groups, 15 percent feel that whites are and 18 percent think Hispanics are.

    I’ll reiterate that for you. Overall, 15% of Americans feel that whites are the most racist whereas 37% of Americans pointed to blacks, 18% for hispanic, the remaining 30% were unsure. Overall, 31% of the black population who were polled said blacks were more racist than whites who were at 24%. And it shows to be true. Not sure how accurate when it comes to the percentages, but Black folk definitely are showing more racist gestures by letting it let out into public and social media.

    Did I mention I have always been offended by the word cracker? Never once have I oppressed someone in a merciless fashion to the point of preemptive torture for the petty reasons as of breaking a glass to even self pleasure from having a disgusted hatred toward another, much less ever picked a whip up.

    But hey the saying goes “keep accusing me of something I didn’t do and I’ll start doing it.”
    Your choice.

    Oh and hey, maybe those white folk who reneged on their statement of not being offended by the word “cracker” were educated on the true meaning and etymology of it. Whereas, what’s Trayvon Martin’s fathers excuse? Did his hearing get better with time? That’s unheard of. Pun intended.

    • teemtwo

      July 12, 2013 at 3:29 pm

      I’m not going to go through your entire diatribe here but in reference to the poll, first of all 37% isn’t a majority by any math I know of. Secondly, if black people are more racist as you assert based on that poll, you wanna know how whites make up for it? They outnumber us – sheer volume. We’re only 12.8% of the population!I’m not even making the claim (nor have I) that whites are more racist but that’s how silly your assertions are. Lastly, just because ANY percentage of Americans think or perceive black people as “more” racist doesn’t make it so. I think I’m rich but my bank account says otherwise….see the difference?

  4. Aaron

    July 27, 2013 at 9:22 am

    First of all your comparisons are absolutely absurd. “I think I’m rich but my bank account says otherwise”. Really?!? And secondly I don’t believe you did any study at all a year ago. Like you just knew all this Trayvon Martin garbage was conveniently going to take place so you could question people again and prove your point. Bullshit. And last as the previous person said you clearly never interviewed any 18 year old girl. It shows through the blatant inconsistencies. You are simply another racist black trying to point the finger at whites because you know full well you and blacks as a whole are racist as hell. I mean lets be real. The term “cracker” is so much second nature for Rachel Jeantel her ignorant ass doesn’t even consider it racist. How ridiculous is that. So it was a real nice try but definately a fail. I’m really beginning to believe the world would be so much better without all these racist black people always making it a point to stir up controversy. It’s really a shame that blacks are so jealous of whites and so mad that they’re black and worthless that they feel the need to constantly hate and ridicule the white race. Get over it and try to make something of yourselves and cry and whine all the time because trust me the world is over it!!!! Thank you and goodbye.

    • teemtwo

      July 27, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      Hilarious remarks. I not only did surveys last year I wrote a several columns about it for CainTV. The posts where I asked the questions are still on my FB page & Google so you can search it yourself and see the responses. I really could care les what you believe though. The fact that you think blacks are jealous of blacks is even more hilarious. As for the rest of your idiotic diatribe, I’m busy writing so have at it. I really don’t care.

    • teemtwo

      July 27, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      The 18 year old is a friend’s daughter and her comment is STILL on my FB page, which is open to the public.


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