Zimmerman Not Guilty: My Thoughts

13 Jul


crossesBy now you all know that George Zimmerman has been found not guilty. Here are my thoughts, as shared via my Facebook page & this is all I have to say:

“My heart is heavy for that community right now, the Martin family for their tragic loss & the Zimmerman family who will live in fear & the nation, because this case brought out the ugliest of ugliness on both sides. For those who think Zimmerman was really guilty, trust me, let it go. If he was lying & they got it wrong he WILL answer to a higher authority – there’s no escaping that. For those who are celebrating & support him, humble yourselves & do not give in to insensitive celebrating of a dead 17 year old nor should you throw this in anyone’s face. It’s a tragedy all around. The race-baiting, insensitivity & relentless vitriol from both sides means we have a LONG way to go as a nation. This case didn’t create any wounds or hatred, it revealed them. It brought them to the surface. THAT is the real tragedy – that we have a ton of healing to do in terms of race relations in America. It has only begun…”

God Bless…


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7 responses to “Zimmerman Not Guilty: My Thoughts

  1. joycetyler

    July 14, 2013 at 4:17 am

    Talitha you are the voice of reason in all this mess, thank God for you sister!

    • teemtwo

      July 15, 2013 at 3:19 pm

      Thanks Joyce, I’m very humbled!

      • joycetyler

        July 22, 2013 at 7:17 pm

        You’re very welcome!

  2. Craig V Wettstein

    July 19, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Talitha…I’m a disabled old “white” man, without much time left on this earth. I live in Tucson AZ, and am pretty much house bound. But more importantly, I’m an old man that has always loved this country and everything it HAS, (in the past), stood for. Over 50+ years I have never waivered in my beliefs of what Government should and should not be, (the teachings instilled in me by both the education system of the time, and a VERY large extended christian family)! We’re talking the late 40s early 50s as my “formative years”. In short, I would have to label myself a staunch Constitutional Conservative, with Libertarian leanings.

    Now to the reason for my note: I have never been in more fear of where we are headed as a country. With the start of the Wilson Administration, things were put into place to allow “Creeping Socialism to overtake our Federal Government, (The planting stage!). Since then, with relatively few breaks, the process has grown to the point that nary a difference can be noted between the 2 partys in power, and with the Obama Administration, is now in “Full Flower”!!! Not to say that the Feds haven’t hit some home runs over those decades, that enriched our lives, (You know what they are!). But as a whole, they have fostered much more harm than good on us citizens. I remember a day when my father, (after coming home from voting in some local election), he said to my mother, “Don’t worry Dear, if they make that a law here, we’ll sell out and move to Colorado nearer your relatives”. Guess what Talitha? You can’t do that anymore, you can’t vote with your feet, not if you want to stay an American Citizen. The Feds have FAR exceeded their constitutional authority. They are totally responsible (along with their Mainstream Media friends, Sharpton Included), for turning the Zimmerman/Martin situation into the circus that it is in. It is my hope that Black Conservatives in this country lead the way in taking back the power that the Feds have usurped from the people, and I feel that it is the Black Females that will have the most clout in overcoming the path that we’re on.

    With all sincerety….Craig V Wettstein, Tucson AZ

    • teemtwo

      July 20, 2013 at 7:59 am

      Craig thanks so much for your comments. They are heartfelt and I share your concerns. We’ve been through a lot since the founding on this country but this is different & unfortunately, many Americans are oblivious to it. God help us.


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