On Hulk Hogan & His Racist Rant

24 Jul


hulk hoganAs far as ‪#‎HulkHogan‬ is concerned, I’m very disappointed in his racist rant. I had really hoped that it wasn’t true, honestly, but it is what it is. I really liked him as a person & as a wrestler. My brother & I used to watch him faithfully as children when he was wrestling.  We attempted to mimic his wrestling moves in fact, often one of us was injured in the process. The WWE Hall of Fame has decided to give him the boot & I sort of have mixed feelings about that because the HOF is about wrestling – the sport, not personal choices BUT, as a private entity they can make their own rules & do whatever they want, and I respect that. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the current “politically correct” societal trend of bashing & banning those who say things which any segment of society may find offensive is abhorrent to me. I have seen some on the right already defending him, not all.

I’ve seen some on the left who don’t think his being kicked out of the HOF is enough – again, some not all. Do we have freedom of speech? Yes….but private entities who do not receive government funds, can do what they want as far as freedom or censorship goes. Is his language offensive? Sure to many, but before some make their “but black people use the N word too” arguments, I challenge them to tell me – which black people? When? Where? Because we are not monolithic & I personally am offended by N word usage even from black people & I don’t let them off the hook. It’s a strawman argument really, because black colloquial usage does not justify white pejorative usage in any way. That’s all I have to say about this…

Until next time,

Talitha McEachin

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