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12 Jul


Every now & then in political discussions, I lose my cool, but I have plenty of friends who will let me know if they think my tone is too harsh in a post or article. For that I am grateful. I’m no more or less human than the next person. I just hate to see so much wasted potential & opportunities on the right, when it comes to sharing the great things that ‪#‎conservatism‬ has to offer. A lot of my friends are ‪#‎Democrats‬, and they follow my page even if they don’t comment. They will reach out to me privately from time to time to discuss things with me, and, they see all of the insensitive, exaggerated, and some outright ‪#‎racist‬ things some say & support. Even if they were unhappy w/the Democratic Party (which many are), why would they join forces with a side, which has members, who think an ignorant black man telling black Americans (whom he claims want to “go back to Africa”) about all of the welfare benefits they’ll lose with such a move is funny. And he does this, while voraciously eating fried chicken, and so many whites on the right think that’s entertaining. So do some black conservatives who are all to willing to ingratiate them. They will throw the black community under the bus for white approval.

Why would they join forces w/a side who calls our president a “cop hating terrorist” TWO days after he signs into law a measure to aid the police in identifying violent threats? Why would they fool with people who blame‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ for the Dallas shootings when some of them were injured too, by the shooter, along with the police there to protect them? They also immediately condemned the shooter. A black person would have to be crazy to align with such persons after seeing & reading those things. Then, with a straight face, some on the right will tell them how stupid they are for allowing Democrats to bamboozle them, as if a cogent argument can’t be made in favor of the tenets of liberalism. I may not agree with it, but I certainly won’t arrogantly proclaim my superiority. In this political season, there’s much talk about things that “matter” from black lives, to blue lives, to all lives. to nine lives, and the world still turns. Sadly, it’s obvious to me that the most important thing that should matter to all, doesn’t. ‪#‎Truth‬

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