Cheaters: DNC Style

23 Jul

clintonI’m not even a Democrat, but the way the ‪‎DNC rigged the primary election to favor Hillary Clinton & against Bernie Sanders is absolutely ridiculous. They plotted to use his religion against him & all sorts of other nonsense. I’m not surprised, but I just don’t understand why more Democrats aren’t outraged, yet quite a few are. If I had evidence that the GOP was doing the same thing, I’d give them plenty of hell about it.The fact that Clinton isn’t, is evidence of her collusion & shows her true character, or lack thereof. I’d stop nothing short of full house cleaning if the GOP did this. If I were Jewish, or a Democrat there’d be hell for them to pay in November. It’s really amazing that Sanders got 45% of the vote despite the circumstances.The entire DP primary race was compromised, but it’s evidence of a greater systemic problem – the use of political legerdemain to guarantee a certain result. Voting becomes a formality, rather than an exercise in democracy when we allow cheating. Voter fraud becomes the least of our worries when there’s candidate fraud.





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