Obamacare, Ad Hominems & Karma

13 Feb

Greetings friends! Here are this week’s musings. Enjoy, share & feel free to respond here, or on social media:


SCOTUS picPeople who want universal healthcare, or to keep Obamacare, without amending the constitution are interesting, if I’m polite.The federal government does not  have the constitutional authority to regulate healthcare – it just isn’t in the supreme law of the land. That’s the basis for the 2012 SCOTUS ruling, which declared Obamacare as a TAX, instead of a mandate. It rests on the shoulders of the commerce clause. The ruling also paved the way for the crowning of the IRS as healthcare king, and a convenient subterfuge to evade charges of unconstitutionality. It’s one of the most egregious instances of federal government legerdemain and intrusion. If as a nation, we have to continuously find ways of getting around the law to appease societal whims, its nothing more than a symbolic combination of dead trees, ink & binding of the past. Some of you should stop clapping. That’s not a cause for celebration.


Ad Hominems

Personal attacks are not arguments folks. If a person you’re debating disagrees with _77163555_023625299-1you, and presents a cogent argument to counter yours, responding with things like, “WWJD?” or “You don’t care about the poor/those in need,” is a sign that you don’t comprehend your own position enough to present it intelligently. Those are emotional responses, nothing more or less. It’s so annoying, when people assume that if you don’t agree with a policy they favor, it must follow, that you don’t have the best interests of those whose lives will be affected in mind. Nothing could be further from the truth.There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. If I don’t think a particular legislation is the best means for achieving a goal, that doesn’t mean I don’t care. You’re mind reading, and quite unsuccessfully. It’s better to just ask me how I think “issue X” can best be resolved, than telling me what I think, and arrogantly spewing your amateur, junk science psychoanalysis, about how I feel, or who I care about. Stop that. It’s dumb.

And last…

Christians & Karma

fede0bda2376efc4b310fe45dfa78087Christians who assess, that negative events in a person’s life are due to “karma”puzzle me. I don’t know of any scriptures which support this tenet of Hinduism, Buddhism, and several other lesser known religions. What Bible are such persons reading from? Mine doesn’t teach this. Karma is the summation of one’s good and bad acts from their previous and current life, which determinss who and what they’ll be in a future life. In essence, its a cycle of reincarnation. This is heretic for Christians. It amazes me how so many argue that the notion of “reaping what one sows” is & karma are one and the same thing. They’re sadly un or misinformed. Yes, we do reep what we sow, in the sense that God will not allow us to keep being disobedient, but that doesn’t infer punishment, or the reward of existing physically in a future life, as something or someone better or worse. The argument, that the intent of Christians who use the term do so innocently doesn’t fly with me. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions as the saying goes. As Christians, we are charged with evangelism, and in order to be effective, Godly vessels of Jesus Christ, using the proper language among non-believers, and one another is paramount. Our lights should shine, and I don’t think they can when we don’t even bother to use discernment before speaking.

Until next musing,

Talitha “TK” McEachin

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