Day 2: Obama’s Successes & Failures 

16 Feb

Greetings Friends! Here is Barack Obama’s Successes & Failures:

Day 2:

Success: His diplomacy with Cuba. His efforts there ended the American embargo that was imposed many decades ago. This is historically significant. One of the ways Castro held onto the reins of power so long, is by blaming the suffering of Cubans on the American embargo. This is probably the longest running shift the blame game in modern history. The Cuban people suffered from being repeatedly smitten by Castro’s’ iron fist – that’s not on us. The increase in tourism will also help the Cuban #economy, but more importantly, our proximity to Cuba is reason enough for both countries to play nice. Obama led this charge – one of his finer moments as commander in chief. I don’t even smoke, but I just might buy one of those cigars Cuba is so well known for just for the heck of it.

Failure: He was unable to keep his promise to close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. I know most Republicans are opposed to this, with exceptions including John McCain, but I’m not jumping on that right-wing bandwagon. 

From CNN:

“The reasons that Congress is wrong on this issue are well-known: From a security perspective, it is a rallying cry for our enemies, a recruitment tool for terrorists and an embarrassment of our ideals. From a fiscal perspective it makes no sense — it is egregiously expensive,” 

My only addition to this, is that imprisoning detainees indefinitely without a trial, or irrefutable proof of guilt, is a human rights issue for me. To be fair, he has decreased the number of detainees, but that’s not what he promised us. This is a failure of epic proportions. It’s also unAmerican. 

Until next musing,

Talitha McEachin

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