Law of the Land, Blame the Victim & Just Print More Money

26 Mar

Greetings Friends,

It is my hope & prayer that each of you are well & prosperous. As promised, each week I’ll share my popular posts from social media. This will give me more time to devote to creative writing. Here are this week’s musings:

Law of the Land

People who want universal healthcare, or to keep Obamacare, without amending the constitution are interesting, if I’m polite. The federal government doesn’t have the constitutional authority to regulate healthcare – it just isn’t in the supreme law of the land. That’s the basis for the 2012 SCOTUS ruling, which declared Obamacare a tax, instead of a mandate. Like it or not, this is the same reason that DOMA had to be expunged. Once again, the federal government has no constitutional authority to define marriage. Obamacare rests on the shoulders of the commerce clause now. The ruling also paved the way for the crowning of the IRS as healthcare king, and is a convenient subterfuge, to protect the ACA against potential, future charges of unconstitutionality. It’s one of the most egregious instances of federal government legerdemain and intrusion. If as a nation, we have to continuously create ways to circumvent the law to appease societal whims, its nothing more than a symbolic combination of dead trees, ink & binding of the past. Some of you should stop clapping. You’re confused. That’s not a cause for celebration.

Blame the Victim

Those who are demonizing Timothy Caughman, the 66 year old black man murdered by James Jackson, a staunch racist, have little to no humanity in them. Folks are bringing up past, negative things about the victim, as if that justifies his murder in any way. They’re also ignoring his positive contributions to his community, but I digress a little. Y’all are sick. Some of the same folks, who are against abortion, because it’s “murder” (and I agree, its legal infanticide), think this man’s life was worth taking, or better stated, it’s worthless.  It’s ridiculous! Besides that, this murder was premeditated, though not specified. The victim was in the wrong place, at the wrong time unfortunately. The racist thug, who knew nothing of Caughman’s past, drove to New York to kill a random black man to send the message of white superiority, and some of y’all are throwing the victim, who had done nothing to this thug, under the bus? Huh? Who does that? #AllLivesMatter crew, where ya’ll at?

Just Print More Money

Excuse my candor, but if your solution to our collective, fiscal woes involves “just printing more money”, you should not participate in discussions of the economy with anyone, other than to listen only. Just sit there and soak it in, and take notes. Those who present & ask me to accept the “print more money” argument, are ya’ll OK? You’re asking me to buy a cup that has the bottom removed, and believe it won’t leak. I don’t mean to be harsh, but this is very, basic, high school level economics. Printing more money & putting it in circulation, without removing an equal amount of old bills devalues the dollar. Folks, this ain’t quantum physics. Even if you don’t understand your error, please don’t say that aloud. I’m embarrassed for you. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! We can’t just print more money people. Stop saying that, it’s ignant’.
Until next musing,

Talitha K. McEachin


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2 responses to “Law of the Land, Blame the Victim & Just Print More Money

  1. Jeremy Noble

    July 21, 2017 at 1:52 am

    It’s a vast oversimplification to just asset that an increase in the money supply causes price inflation.

    The simplest example (but just one, and a weird one) of what I’m saying is the TARP-style shoveling of money onto bank balance sheets. Those are dollars. But they’re not the same sort of dollars as the ones in our wallets (see, M1, M2, M3, etc…), and for the most part have not entered the “real” economy — which is a policy failure but also an example of how the Austrian-type, knee-jerk fear of “printing money” is a faulty notion, and one that’s tossed around far too much. (Your locution of “removing old bills” perhaps betrays a somewhat archaic sense of what our dollars actually *are*, since only a very small portion exist in physical form at all; of course, I know this might also simply be a turn of phrase and nothing else.

    I’ll spare you the MMT rant, but it’s worth reading about if you haven’t already. (The notion of “removing dollars” from the economy via taxation is actually key to the MMT understanding of how sovereign dollars properly function in the macro.)

  2. Jeremy Noble

    July 21, 2017 at 2:15 am

    Okay, that’s probably not the “simplest” counterargument, lol. Simpler would be to point out that the “too many dollars chasing too few goods” equation has two sides to it.

    What really causes inflation in practice, aka in the real world, is the other side: when there’s too *few* goods.

    Also: “too few goods” for *what?* Our needs outstrip our money supply, typically. In most cases, there’s actually more goods on offer than there is purchasing power. Far more actual societal damage is done by unmet human need than by inflation. I’d argue that more damage is done by efforts and measures taken, policy-wise, due to fear of inflation than by actual inflation.


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