“Wait For The Facts”

09 May

Greetings everyone,

During this Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve had a lot more time to write, but I’ve devoted my spare time to almost exclusively fictional writing efforts. I haven’t been affected much financially because I’m considered an essential worker in healthcare. Today during my very early morning writing ritual, I thought I’d take a quick break from that to share a brief bit born out of my introspection. I pray all of you are well. Here goes:

The “weight for the facts” crew in every high profile criminal case should know, that despite the logic of doing so, today’s junk journalism makes that almost impossible. This is especially true with interracial crimes the media selectively chooses for their journalistic activism. I’ve preached that gospel myself plenty of times, and I don’t mind owning that. You live you learn. The “truth”, and therefore the “facts” change daily in the news cycle. Sometimes within hours as corporate media outlets fight to be first in line. How will we know when it has fully arrived? At some point common sense has to knock on the door of veracity and agree to agree. That means there’ll be plenty of times when we’ll have to keep that handshake to ourselves, but we’ll be better a nation and individually for it. My prayers go out to Ahmaud Arbery’s family who are also waiting for the truth and they deserve it more than anyone else.

Until next musing,



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