“Karen” & Introspection

25 Jun

Greetings friends,

This will be very brief:

I decided to go outside and get some fresh air today during my lunch. I stood there peacefully for about 12 minutes, then I looked up at one of the white columns of the building and noticed a very intricate, large hornet’s nest. It was a “beige” series of tunnels that they flew in and out of. I panicked. Then I realized that although I hadn’t noticed them until now, they knew I was there the whole time and went about their own affairs above me. Then I calmed down and marveled at their engineering. As long as I minded my business, and didn’t agitate them, we could co-exist. That’s what the Karens & Kevins of the world need to learn.

I’m very introspective and today in one such moment, I realized a harsh reality about being black in America. We have to have multiple civil rights movements in order to be all the way free. This time, and in this current such movement, it’s manifesting in all of the rage of the last one held back, so they could maintain the non-violent stance. The irony of it all pulls at my heartstrings today.

Until next musing


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