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Among Conservatives: Black Bullies & White Extremists

Among Conservatives: Black Bullies & White Extremists

As is the case with many articles I write, they start off as a status update on a social media site until I realize that they are much too long for a mere status update. This may be my least popular article but I’m okay with that because I think this needs to be said. Racial tensions in this country are at a peak now because everyone has an opinion on the Zimmerman/Martin case and the Liberal media is constantly fanning the flames and maintaining confusion with it’s slow drizzling out of the truth mixed in with deliberate exaggerations or lies. Now what I’m about to say is me on the outside looking in at everyone, myself included. What bothers me now about some elements of the Conservative, collective reaction to the Zimmerman case is that there are some black Conservatives putting pressure on some other white Conservatives to come out against Zimmerman which some have reserved judgment on, because the details are so murky.Yeah I know he followed him and shot him so please don’t respond with the reported details because the only solid evidence we know now is the 911 call really, everything else that does not come directly from a primary source is hearsay.

Black Conservatives, not every white Conservative who thinks Zimmerman was defending himself is a racist under the guise of Conservatism. Zimmerman followed Trayvon we all know that but what we don’t know with certainty is what motivated him to do so and it is possible that it was not his race. Given the crime statistics in the area it is also possible that he was racially profiling him but was not doing so without racism. I know some of you are like “what in the world does she mean by that?” What I mean is the same way the FBI profile for most terrosists nowadays is typically a man of Middle Eastern descent, but does that mean that the agent out looking for him is racist towards Middle Eastern men? Now that analogy some will say is apples and oranges but the general principle is the same so I think of it as Gala apples and Granny Smith apples.  Some Black Conservatives are presenting their arguments for Zimmerman as the villian in a very cunning way. They say, “Now you know me, I don’t play the race cards, I’m a Tea Party member, GOP and a Conservative. I NEVER cry racism but THIS time you need to join me in calling a spade a spade. THIS time, is the one exception, the isolated incident.” You see my problem with that is that philosophically you’re cornering the white Conservative and placing them in a position where even if they have a differrent view they HAVE to agree because otherwise their “failure” to see your point means they are in danger of being viewed as a racist or being told “You’re not a TRUE Conservative, you’re not a TRUE Christian Conservative”. You see, what you are doing is bullying them! It’s also ironic to me that for some of us, in the back of our minds we have reserved a place for such racist exceptions and we just KNOW this is the time to utilize such a reservation. Let me tell you, I’d rather fill that space with air than the rare possibility of a lynching.

For every report that says Zimmerman was the aggressor, there is one that says Martin was and both theories of what happened are possible, with or without racism, which we can only speculate on because we are not in Zimmerman’s head. A black friend of Zimmerman’s came out and said he is not a racist. Tomorrow a former girlfriend or childhood friend will come out and say something different probably…and the world turns. People are so damn sure of themselves when that is impossible because none of us was actually there. Conservatives if you actually believe that your version of events which you accept is the only possibility and anyone who doesn’t accept it must have  hidden “-ist or -ic” horns attached to them, you have lowered yourself to the reasoning of many ( certainly not all)  Liberals and have reached the height of human arrogance. To be clear, there are Conservatives who think Zimmerman is guilty of racially profiling Martin, Conservatives who are uncertain and have reserved judgment until they get actual facts and there are others, who think that Zimmerman shot in self-defense as he said after being attacked by Martin. This same division of formed opinions exists among Liberals and Independents with differences in how many of them subscribe to which theory or lack of one only. There is nothing wrong with any of these positions and I may disagree with one or the other but I am humble enough to realize that I might be wrong.

Then there are a few White Conservatives who have gone to the other extreme and actually believe that Obama had Trayvon Martin  killed for political gain and I won’t entertain wild conspiracy theories – not my style and I have better things to do. I may not like Obama’s policies or leadership but I’m not that desperate to demonize him. Also some have started demonizing Trayvon Martin as a thug because of one picture, showing him allegedly throwing up gang signs, which is very flawed logic, although I will agree that the Liberal media has a definite agenda by purposely showing pictures of Trayvon that are probably a decade younger than he actually was at the time of his death. This is to maximize outrage by showing a “little boy” instead of the young man that he was. I don’t have a lot to say about the Black majority’s reaction or Liberal reaction because I expected it. Any Conservative who is surprised has been living under a rock. Jackson and Sharpton are doing what they do but I am very disgusted by Farrakhan’s strong hints for retaliation, Spike Lee tweeting Zimmerman’s address and the New Black Panther Party putting a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head – way too 1960’s Jim Crow South mob mentality like for me. I have no interest in traveling back in time to that time with role reversals – you Liberals can have that bigotry to yourselves.

Now even with the misleading pictures, they don’t prove either version of events and are irrelevant in terms of guilt or innocence although I’m sure the masses of  potential jurors got enough exposure to make it hard to find objective people, when this trial begins, now that Zimmerman has been charged. For the life of me I just don’t understand why we can’t just get the objective truth instead of all the twists and propaganda. Now a few Conservatives (a very few) have said to me varying versions of “no don’t write posts like this because they will divide Conservatives” – to those persons I say: I’ve never been afraid to criticize any group I belong to (tactfully & after careful thought mind you) and the Conservative movement is no different. I know one thing with certainty, this incident has taught me a lot, namely that Liberals are not the only ones who have some growing to do.

(Originally published on 3-26-12)

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