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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I will be dining with my family as will many of you and this year my Mom & sister are cooking everything & I’ll just be doing the dishes/clean-up.I want to thank all of my Conservative Calmversation followers for your support! I am truly blessed and grateful to have have such a wonderful family (immediate & extended) and such great friends and followers as well, who care about our country & it’s citizens.

I pray for those less fortunate than I who don’t have shelter, clothing or who won’t be sitting around a table filled with family & food – ANY of us at any point could be in such a predicament, so let’s remember to thank God for all that we have. I can’t help but to think of & pray for Israel & the growing turmoil overseas – please keep them all in your prayers as well. I also am praying for all of the troops overseas who won’t be with their families tomorrow. It’s been a rough year for so many, but not nearly as bad as things could be and I am optimistic!. I pray that everyone who is or will be traveling this week will do so safely and don’t shop too hard on Black Friday! I will be working all week, including a brief 4 hour day on Thanksgiving so everyone, Be Blessed! Don’t eat too much! I will be continuing my series The Top 10 Things Black & White People Want to Know About one Another, but Won’t Ask after the holiday since the election has ended, on CainTV so get ready! Everyone be safe & be blessed! Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 107:1
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

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