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The Irony of Black Mistrust of the Government

The Irony of Black Mistrust of the Government

Since there will be a slightly longer waiting period than usual for the next installment to my blog series, “The Top 10 Things Black & White People want to know about one Another but won’t Ask“, I am going to share these thoughts with you in the interim as I continue my research.  With all of the mistrust in the black community of the federal government, it is very ironic to me, that we consistently & overwhelmingly vote for democratic politicians who want big federal government. There have been so many instances of unethical human experimentation on black people in this country & abroad, which were known to, performed by, or funded by the federal government including the experiments on female African slaves by J. Marion Sims, the “father of gynecology”. He performed experimental surgeries without anesthesia in the 1840′s on female slaves. Then later we have the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments conducted from 1932 to 1972 by the US Public Health Service on black men.

Then there are the urban myths/conspiracy theories that the federal government created the HIV virus & that list goes on and on. Then there is the general mistrust of the “system” which many assert unfairly sentences black & Latino criminals & commits racial profiling. Even capitalism itself is allegedly racist towards minorities! (not!) What’s my point? With all of the mistrust & rumors I have heard over the years about the federal government, it should be the part of our government we trust the LEAST. If all of what I have shared is true and more, as so many of us believe, then why in the world do we keep voting for big government policies & politicians who support them?! Black & Hispanic people should be first in line at the Tea Party rallies and strong supporters of conservative ideology. We’re too busy believing the rhetoric of black politicians like Maxine Waters & Andre Carson and celebrities like Mike Tyson (his opinion especially doesn’t mean squat to me) & Morgan Freeman, who lie to us & tell us the Tea Party movement  is racist, without explaining how, or giving us valid evidence. All of them could use a huge dose of reality…and a muzzle. Some of you won’t like this but in my opinion, this is just evidence of our collective “sheeple” mentality. Some of you believe so much of what you hear on the idiot box without doing your own investigations & that needs to change immediately….

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