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Today’s Rants: Viral FB Post on Riots…Colorado vs N. Colorado


Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

Nothing formal today, I’m simply going to share two of my Facebook posts. The first one is from yesterday, which has nearly 500 comments & counting, regarding alleged rioting in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial. It’s actually not the most popular or commented on thread I have ever posted, but it definitely struck a nerve with many, who automatically went into defense mode & a few agreed. Here it is, read it & you can decide for yourselves if you agree or disagree:

“Look, I’m going to say this plainly w/o subterfuge- take it however you want. Anyone who feels the need to tell black Americans not to ‪#‎riot‬ if ‪#‎Zimmerman‬ is acquitted, yet doesn’t feel the need to issue the same caveat to white people if he is convicted, is letting their racism show prominently. You’d have to believe that white Americans are less capable & less likely to riot, which is nonsense You’d also have to believe that there’s something special about being ‪#‎white‬ which prevents such behavior. One need only take a view of history – from the 19th century NY draft riots, to the 20th century race riots in Tulsa, OK, to the recent waves of riots across Europe (2011/2012) in response to political & economic turmoil. Not to mention the many lynchings throughout the South long ago where groups of whites hung black people & burned their bodies as onlookers watched & took pictures. Have black people in America ever rioted? Absolutely! but no more or less than white people, so you can save your racist caveats for someone else, I don’t want to hear it, unless you are willing to give whites the exact same speech if Zimmerman is convicted.”

In other news and from my Facebook page also….

“Things are getting heated in Colorado as serious discussion & plans of secession are underway for Northern colorado-flagColorado. You know I have talked about secession on a larger scale in America before, between liberal & conservative states & it’s not so terrible of an idea to me. If we cannot find a way to co-exist & not have one group dominate the other, then I say split. It would be interesting to see each state split into two although some would want to & others wouldn’t. If the liberals & conservatives (and anyone in between) are fine with the way things are then they wouldn’t have to. Northern Colorado may become a new state.”


Have a blessed & productive day, until next time!


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