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Damn Those Racist Whites & Their Stereotypes About “Us”!

I posted the following status to my Facebook page earlier this evening about a family member on welfare who is in no way trying to get out of her situation:

“I have a distant cousin with 8 children by 6 different men who gets thousands a month in food stamps & a monthly welfare check AND she gets WIC AND she gets free public housing….sits at home all day doesn’t even have her diploma and is not trying to get it either. She also makes money selling her food stamps sometimes…here I am struggling….and I went to college! For the last several years I have owed federal taxes even after I pay from each paycheck all year long….no refunds for me in like 5 years but she gets THOUSANDS back because of the EIC….how is that in any way fair? Hard work gets penalized and laziness & irresponsibility rewarded. Sometimes I can’t stand this country, and some of you want to know why I support a fair or flat tax. Please.”

Now this post so far has received 192 comments and 129 “likes” and the discussion has been…well…interesting. This post you are reading right now started off as a comment but then I decided that this was really another discussion entirely. Several comments from other black people to my inbox prompted this introspection. I was thinking about my own parents when I was growing up and when I was a senior in high school I entered the Miss Black Teen Atlanta pageant (This was in 1995). I wanted to drop out after I saw that most of the girls competing against me were very experienced in pageant participation and some even told me that I wouldn’t win because I had never been in a pageant before, I was a tomboy (kind of, I was actually just athletic) or whatever reason. Long story short, upon telling my parents that I wanted to drop out they said “Absolutely not, you started this, raised all that money, so you better finish it. Don’t worry about what those other girls say, prove them wrong.” Well, I didn’t win the crown but I was the 1st runner up (I’m the one to the right of the winner in the middle in this picture in the pink dress, which is also the featured picture above) to Miss Black Teen Atlanta in 1995 which was a big achievement for an athlete who didn’t like to wear heels back then but entered to diversify my extracurricular activity for college applications.

So you’re probably thinking, what in the world does this have to do with welfare or people that abuse the system? Let me make the correlation.Do you know what really bothers me the most about posting commentary like that above from my Facebook page?  The fact that if a white person posted that same thing they would be attacked and labeled a “racist”. Many black people are so quick to point out that there are more white people on welfare than black (which is true although there is a disparity) whenever the topic comes up, but they will not deal with the reality that far too many black people are on welfare, when we are only 12% of the US population. So many of us assume that the white person who comments on welfare, just has to be talking about black people – stereotyping. We believe those very same stereotypes about one another so much that even if a white person makes a general comment like mine above, we automatically assume it’s about us. Well, besides the arrogance one has to have to make such an assumption, we are really projecting what we think about other black people onto white people (not every time but if I had to guess I’d say 50% – 60% of the time). In other words, some of us really think that we are so important to white people that every disparaging or general remark they make is about a black person or black people in general, even when race is not mentioned. I hate to break it to some of you, we’re just not that special.

Based on the raw numbers, it is actually more likely that they are talking about another white person. Black people, do you really think that a white person who is working their butt off to pay their mortgage, taxes, utilities, tithes, clothes & food for their children really gives a damn about the race of the person on welfare & fraudulently abusing the system, whom their tax dollars supports? (to be distinguished from those really in need & those who eventually get off of welfare) I mean…think about that.Why would they have any less disgust for a white person blowing their tax dollars? It doesn’t even make any sense.

As a black person who pays taxes, I don’t care if the freeloaders are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or Green.I just want them to become self sufficient and to cease being a burden on the system. Of course there are people from ALL races who unfairly think that one race is more of a burden than others but I have seen and heard white friends of mine complain about a lazy, freeloading friend, neighbor, cousin, child, sibling who is white. This is not unique to the black community. With all of the vitriol and  backlash that some white people get for so called “racism” for thinking that all black people want a handout., why don’t we try something different to solve that problem. Why not work on getting the numbers and disparity down significantly? To me, that’s the only way to deal with perceived racist remarks and stereotypes. Won’t it feel good to say to those white people (whom I believe are the minority but I could be wrong) who think that way how wrong they are. Wouldn’t you feel such pride in exclaiming, “Ha! you’re wrong! the statistics show _____, Bam! in your face!”

We each can start by expunging that mentality from our own families if it exists and teaching our children the value of hard work and how rewarding self reliance is. Folks,instead of going around talking about the racist whites who think ALL black people want handouts, make them liars by making the supporting evidence go away. What good is it to argue and label them racists, if they can point to statistical disparities to make their case whether they are racist or not. The bottom line is what my parents told me years ago and as I subsequently did – prove them wrong!


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Conservatives & Racism: Liberal Lie or Harsh Reality?

Conservatives & Racism: Liberal Lie or Harsh Reality?

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing and so I was actually re-writing the blog I had written on reparations to answer the next question from black people in the blog series on race “The Top 10 Things Black & White People Want to Know About One Another, But Won’t Ask” because I was not satisfied with it entirely and I came across another valid point which I had missed. Then this morning as I was writing a good conservative friend of mine Stacy Swimp, founder of Contagious Transformation alerted me to the post below from the page of a white conservative and the many comments under it by other white conservatives. In fact, as I type this, Stacy and I are the only two black people that have made comments thus far. Now you have to understand that Stacy and I, although we agree on many things, we also disagree on several things as well. The Trayvon Martin shooting is one such issue which he and I have not entirely agreed upon and racism in the GOP/Conservative movement is another. Stacy has not bitten his tongue in asserting that racism is very real among conservatives (obviously he knows that not all white conservatives are racists) whereas I have defended the movement to the point of ad nauseam probably. I believe that racism exists with the ranks of the GOP/conservatives but is minimal at best.

I stand behind my philosophy that racism is an enemy of conservatism and on that point I believe that Stacy would agree with me. I just have never believed that racism was prevalent among conservatives. When I read this post my jaw figuratively hit the floor. I was hurt, disappointed and quite shocked at the bigotry, hatred and violent nature of some comments quite frankly. Even more disappointing is the fact that these conservatives actually resorted to racism (very quickly I might add) in response to racism! Imagine the irony of that. This is equivalent to literally pouring gas onto an already raging fire or seeing a man drown and throwing more water on him rather than a life jacket. Here is the picture in question which the person posted along with the comments below it:

Now let me be very clear about something before I share the comments under this post. In no way do I support or defend the message on this man’s shirt. As I stated in my last blog on in the race series “The N Word: Taboo to Whites, Endearing to Blacks” I support free speech including pejorative usage, because I believe in upholding the constitution but the user must also deal with the consequences that come from society. I don’t condone use of the “N” word nor “cracker”or any other pejorative. I personally don’t use either word. For those of you that follow my blog you know that I condemn racism of any kind from anyone. Here are the comments posted under this picture on the page of the white conservative (whom I won’t name). I took the liberty to delete their names as well & not every comment is problematic, but most are.

MLK, Jr would roll over in his grave if he knew about this. So sad with the hate! :(

11 hours ago · Like · 4

he might have shot the wrong one!

11 hours ago · Like · 2

When did Hispanic-Jews become crackers

11 hours ago · Like · 5

Give the guy a break. He only has a 6th grade education from Jamaica.

11 hours ago · Like · 4

idiot just an idiot.

11 hours ago · Like · 3

Got his diploma from the flea market !!!

11 hours ago · Like · 2

you give the bro too much credit;)

11 hours ago · Like · 1

Too bad he wasn’t there with Trayvon. Two birds, one stone! (did I say that out loud!)

11 hours ago · Like · 2

He’s got a grill, don’t go gettin all up in it….

11 hours ago · Like

The media brought this “shit” on. Anything for a potential race conflict.

11 hours ago · Like

He looks very intelligent. Probably a Harvard graduate

11 hours ago · Like

Shows this guys brain waves are off he is half Latin

11 hours ago · Like

bet you he’s on welfare and those gold teeth cost us plenty

11 hours ago · Like · 1

This is what kills me about the likes of this guy. No one is holding him back from going to his ancestoral home land. Give him some credit, he can bitch and moan, get all the media sympathies and avoid going to a 3rd world, aids ridden, shit hole because we put up with it.

11 hours ago · Like · 3

Theres your racist with a poster on his chest …

10 hours ago · Like · 1

I wander how many homes he burgalurized to afford the watch the gold bracelet the gold chain and pendant and all those gold teeth ?

10 hours ago · Like

Shoot him in the face and right things…. He’s worthless… A waste of breath…

10 hours ago · Like

He looks like a real winner!! lol

10 hours ago · Like

If he will play his cards right, maybe we can get him what Trayvon got.

8 hours ago · Like · 2

You know, Skittles and Arizona Tea

8 hours ago · Like · 1

these weasels are all real tough especially when with a bunch of punk just like himself or a gun, put him ono on one and you’ll see different kid’

2 hours ago · Like

Dumb ass doesn’t know the difference between a cracker and a Mexican.

2 hours ago · Like · 1

I Wanna Put A Red Dot On That Grill

2 hours ago · Like · 1

Ignorance and hatred create these kind of idiots.

2 hours ago · Like

The political, social and economic chaos that HITLER rode on his way to power is being actively cultivated by the communist muslim “lying” KING obeyme and his henchmen (GEORGE SOROS) and the like.

He’s a punk ass, no class, jigaboo

about an hour ago · Like · 1

Pussy Ass Nigger is more like it.

Stacy Swimp This is not a representation of what most black Americans look or behave like. Shame on you for attempting to post something like this to invite disparaging remarks against Black people for recreational purposes. Is this the way you propose to take our nation forward, people?

about an hour ago · Unlike · 1

Talitha McEachin So you respond to racism with more racism? How is that going to solve anything?

51 minutes ago · Like · 1

Now I have highlighted in red the most offensive comments in my opinion. All of these comments are from conservatives (or so they say). Some of them even have said that they are “Christian Conservatives” on their own pages.  What is most shocking to me are the comments that call for violence against the man in the picture. I have argued Stacy Swimp down on this topic and have asserted that people that react or think like this are extremists but these are regular, hard working Americans just like me.  In my blog where I discuss the GOP and outreach, I roasted the GOP for not doing outreach in minority communities and discussed how important it was in this day and age.  How can black conservatives especially (not that they are the only ones) effectively speak with those in our communities about the GOP/Conservative movement when racism and bigotry of this kind is prevalent. This is not the only post like this on that persons page or others.

The anonymity of the internet (hence, social media) allows people to say and do all sorts of strange, racist, sexist and misogynistic things which they’d never say to a person face to face. It kind of reminds me of how liquor loosens people’s lips when drunk. Hmm. White & black conservatives who publicly spew this racist rhetoric should be responding to this hate with love and using this opportunity to educate not ridicule. Everything expressed in most of these comments goes against the principles of conservatism which I fully support.  In discussing this post with another friend of mine who is actually a moderate Democrat, he said to me:

“Talitha–if you believe that Conservatives are “better” then it makes sense to think that it is “minimal”. But if you believe that “Conservatism matches my own world view, but they aren’t necessarily better people” then inevitably one comes to the conclusion that the two sides of the political equation can have different, but equally weighted assholes and angels. My belief is that the principles of the Right definitely appeal to racists, and that there are more people who believe in Nature over Nurture on your side of the equation. Not more “bad” people, again–just different flavors of “bad.”

How can I argue with this in light of the comments above? He makes a very valid point actually. These conservatives’ behavior is despicable and no different from that of liberals, whose behavior we often criticize. Another important point to mention was summed up best by Stacy Swimp regarding many black conservatives failure to react at all to things like this:

“ Many black conservatives will publicly admonish black Americans for any and every fault that they can find. However, these same black conservatives will make endless excuses as to why they are silent when whites, particularly white conservatives, are clearly guilty of racist rhetoric or/and actions. Yet, these aforementioned black conservatives don’t understand why blacks don’t trust them. It’s because they are cowards.”

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Black Conservatives & the Race Narrative

In the past few weeks, I have had several black conservatives to “advise” me that I shouldn’t write about race so much. Now some of them genuinely say it because they don’t want me to be labeled as a writer who focuses on race because they know I have written on many topics & can write about anything and in reality I can. I chose to write this series, “The Top 10 Things Black & White people want to know about one Another but won’t Ask” because I don’t think there has been adequate, honest dialogue on the topic. Political correctness often gets in the way of honesty. The only label that I concern myself with is the one I give myself. I don’t have low self-esteem so I could care less what white, black, Hispanic  or green people want to label me as, based on the topics of my blogs. Here’s my problem with some of their disapproval:

#1 I can write about whatever topic I choose & people can choose to read it or not read it. Before my current series on, I had only written 3 articles on race, regarding the Martin/Zimmerman case. I wrote an article on Obamacare, “Faux Reproductive Rights” & several other topics including the economy but they don’t get as much attention although they do quite well & I am so thankful for & humbled by the support I get every time. For some reason, no matter who the writer is, people generally like to read honest editorials about the topic of race and other social issues. In my opinion, there are not enough uncensored, honest conversations about these topics so I do my best to be fair & honest.

#2 Some black conservatives who have shared that opinion with me have previously complained that black conservatives are only asked to comment on race topics in media outlets – I have heard that SO MANY times. Now I’m not saying it’s not true (I don’t think that’s always the case), but here’s the irony,listen closely. When the Trayvon Martin shooting broke national news some of those same black conservatives, who complain that they are only asked to talk about race, complained that not enough white conservatives were standing with them in condemning George Zimmerman & “calling a spade a spade”.

Many white conservatives were simply reserving judgment until they knew all of the facts which does not mean they were on Zimmerman’s side – they just didn’t know what to believe & they understand how the liberal media can twist stories, be they about race or the economy. I didn’t know what to believe & once the reports started changing daily, I quickly jumped off of the “Zimmerman is racist”bandwagon. Some have been very vocal against those whom they consider to be white racists under the guise of conservatism & those whom they consider to be wimpy conservatives, unwilling to stand on the side of the Martin family. Some even accused those white conservatives of not being authentic conservatives or Christian conservatives. I wrote a blog about that entitled “Among Conservatives: Black Bullies & White Extremists” which is in the Notes section of my Facebook page for those who want to check it out.

This is my main point so listen very carefully black conservatives. If you want to be recognized equally for your ability to report/comment/write about ANY political, economic or social issue, then stop condemning white conservatives for being equally vocal on racial issues, regardless of their “side”or opinion!  Why don’t some of you get that? You constantly exclaim “I can talk about more than just race” but at the same time, you still want to control the conservative narrative when the topic of the day is about race. So white conservatives need to recognize your ability to discuss a variety of topics but you can’t extend the same courtesy to them? Huh??? It’s no wonder some media outlets only invite some of you when the hot topic is racial, because they have to play tug of war with you for the conservative narrative, and many just give in. Some of you need some humility & a muzzle at times. Ok that’s my rant for the day, take it however you want. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it!


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