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Re: “You’re well off, that’s why you’re against Obamacare”

Re: “You’re well off, that’s why you’re against Obamacare”

In response to my blog, “Obamacare: The Left Won the Battle, The Right Will Win the War“, some have sent me messages telling me that since I’m “well off” that’s why I’m against Obamacare. I have to tell you that this lack of political acumen on the part of those individuals is an indication that instead of paying the “Obamatax” our money is probably better spent on education reform. I had a person to comment:

“According to my job, Obamacare wont change anything regarding my current coverage and since my coverage is sufficient for me I dont really have much gripe about obamacare passing.”

First of all I am by no means “well off”, my personal healthcare situation is irrelevant in evaluating this situation and one thing I value in my commentary is a level of objectivity. I have two prescription medications which I need now but I’m having to battle with my insurance to cover and I still know and accept that Obamacare is not good legislation. Let me say this, this is not about me it’s about the good of the entire country. We cannot evaluate Obamacare based on our personal woes. It is an expensive piece of legislation that is bound for failure because we can’t pay for it.

If you’re thinking that since your healthcare plan won’t change, you’re poor or have a religious exemption so you don’t care about the healthcare ruling, it is that very mentality that got us here in the first place. Who do you think will pay for your healthcare in lieu of your exemption or poverty? The rest of us will be charged with this at the end of the day. More than that many who need it or think they’ll qualify for an exemption won’t.This is not a sustainable plan because almost fifty percent of Americans don’t pay taxes as is. Add yet another tax and there will be more who won’t pay it.

Are some of you really that obtuse? It’s simple math. You can’t have a healthcare plan with no co-payments, the inclusion of those with pre-existing (expensive) conditions and expect costs not to go up! Obamacare will fail because it’s twin predecessor Romneycare failed and Massachusetts is a state with a lot of wealthy residents. We have to think about what is not only good but affordable for all, not just our own personal circumstances. Since we are buying our own debt anyway (basically just printing more money) Obama should go ahead and print more money to pay for all of our healthcare.We’ve already hit the iceberg and since we apparently cannot see the life rafts being presented, we may as well sink expeditiously…


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Obamacare: The Left Won the Battle, The Right Will Win the War

Obamacare: The Left Won the Battle, The Right Will Win the War

Words are not adequate enough to fully express my initial level of shock and disappointment  for the SCOTUS’ ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare however, I am even more inspired by the increased level of patriotism in light of it. The SCOTUS has ruled that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or “Obamacare” is unconstitutional under the commerce clause however, it was upheld as constitutional under the taxation clause. Most of the components of it remain in tact and the entire written opinion is here.

 Barack Obama has now added to his resume the largest tax increase on American citizens in US history. A very dangerous precedent has been set in that Congress can tax the citizens for anything – even inactivity. A mandate is a tax. Chief Justice Roberts’ message to Americans is very clear: This is a legislative problem that must be fixed by our elected officials. In other words, this needs to be handled politically for what it is – a tax increase. I think Roberts’ decision will silence Liberals who question the objectivity of the SCOTUS and he, as Chief Justice, is trying to balance maintaining the integrity of  the court and the sovereignty of the constitution. Instead of dealing with Obamacare politically, Republicans thought that they could just shift responsibility to the Supreme Court and it would be repealed or at worse, the individual mandate alone would be repealed. Now as per Chief Justice Roberts, we must take it back to Congress and deal with it politically. One slight benefit of the ruling is that now the Senate can’t filibuster on taxation issues like they could on issues of commerce but it’s up to us to do what is needed to ensure thatObamacare is repealed.

 This ruling is sending shock waves throughout populations of supporters for both political ideologies. Conservatives have gone from outrage to even more fervent support of GOP candidate Mitt Romney and a shift is bound to occur among independent voters as well.Within hours of the ruling, Mitt Romney’s campaign has received more 3 million dollars in donations and counting. All on the Left are not thrilled with this outcome either but both sides share responsibility for it. As analyst Michael Tanner of the CATO Institute reminded us regarding the predecessor for Obamacare (Romneycare) in 2008:

“Outside observers on both the Right and Left praised the program. Edmund Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation hailed it as “one of the most promising strategies out there.” And Hillary Clinton adviser Stuart Altman said, ‘‘The Massachusetts plan could become a catalyst and a galvanizing event at the national level, and a catalyst for other states.”

Critics of Mitt Romney argue that “Romneycare” is a failure (and it is) but you see, that’s the very reason Romney is  the right man for the job because he has tried it, failed and knows firsthand that Obamacare, modeled after his plan will not work. Massachusetts was an experimental microcosm of socialist inspired healthcare in the local private sector. Romney has tested his healthcare hypothesis in Massachusetts and failed, whereas with President Obama weare the test and his hypothesis is based on Romney’s so as logic dictates, we will fail. Barack Obama either deliberately ignores this in light of the tax revenue he will generate or is afflicted with political myopia so severe that he cannot see it. You decide. Romney has responded to the ruling stating that “In order to get rid of Obamacare we must get rid of Obama” as well as pledged to repeal it if elected and I believe that he will do this and we will make sure he keeps this promise:

Mitt Romney’s Reaction to Obamacare Ruling

As of today, according to the Seattle Times Barack Obama still has his work cut out for him (and I concur):

“Still, the triumph for Obama will not necessarily be enduring. The president now faces the challenge of trying to sell the merits of the health-care law again in the court of public opinion, even as Romney and Republicans can campaign on their promise to repeal the measure.

It was telling that Obama used his address from the East Room two hours after the court’s ruling to explain the law and its benefits to Americans, something that even some supporters said he had failed to do effectively after the law’s passage in 2010.”

Most liberals are celebrating which is quite confusing as well as humorous to me to be honest, because this should be a losing situation for them as well. Their shouts of victory show me that they don’t even understand their ownplatform. So a regurgitated republican healthcare plan that has been proven as a failure is a victory? Huh? They are still forced to buy insurance from the private sector which liberals have rallied against from here to kingdom come, in favor of government run healthcare. I’m starting to think liberalism is a mental disorder today and I would, except for those liberals friends of mine who have remained consistent in their quest for true socialized medicine which they believe can be benevolent and best run by the federal government. One such friend is Independent Liberal bloggerYvette Carnell, a contributor and editor of who said to me, in reaction to the ruling:

 “The Supreme Court may have limited the Commerce Clause, but they still legalized a mandate to buy PRIVATE health insurance. For me, that’s a problem since there’s no government alternative. You’re forcing me into the market no matter what. What if prices are high, then what? I’m still mandated to participate? I have issues with that…”

 Now of course, I don’t agree with Yvette but at least she has the wisdom to understand what this really means for the healthcare aspect of the liberal platform and no one can dare say that she or other liberals who share this sentiment are inconsistent. Obamacare was a covert love affair between Barack Obama and taxation that the Supreme Court has now brought out into the open. Instead of keeping this affair secret any longer, an engagement has been announced by Chief Justice Roberts and it’s up to us on Tuesday, November 6th 2012 to interrupt the ceremony when asked and speak up or hold our peace for four more years. In effect, liberals celebrating Obamacare is equivalent to a turkey celebrating Thanksgiving.

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