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On Writing…and Evolve


Writing characters who are the feminists of their fictional time in one of the books of my upcoming fantasy series, THE ELEMENTS, proves to be a challenge to me. I’m not a feminist as I understand feminism, by any stretch of the imagination & I’m always thinking in terms of balance when it comes to gender, as it relates to our daily affairs. Perhaps feminists have an undeserved, bad reputation, or I still have simply been ignorant, but I tend to see feminism as an extreme. I literally have had to study, read (as I would for anything else) and then subdue instinctual reflexes in character development. It’s a very interesting process…


I wanted to share you the new episode II of Evolve

That is all……..

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EVOLVE: A New Sci-Fi Series For Teens & Adults!


I’m so very excited about this new sci-fi series on the web (You Tube) called Evolve,which is written, directed & produced by Kia Barbee (Elmhurst Entertainment). It is the story of a teen girl Donia Reyes (portrayed by Jasiah Lovell) who inherits supernatural abilities that she can’t control nor wants, as she approaches her 16th birthday. She struggles to strike a balance between what she craves & what she’s destined to become. This mini-series airs every Tuesday on YouTube  at 7:45pmEDT from June 25th – July 23rd. Please do watch the trailer & Episode I below, subscribe to the channel, become a fan on Facebook, follow on Twitter & share, share, share!

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