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Unlikely activist: Early civil rights protester stands out for conservative views – Winston-Salem Journal: Local News

From journalist Jennifer Young of the Winston-Salem Journal:

Clarence Henderson

The time was the late 1940s, the place Greensboro. A mother had sent her two young sons to the neighborhood grocery. A gang of local toughs waited just outside the store. One came at the older brother from the front, one from the back and the third went for the money in the boy’s pocket.

The younger brother, who was only 6, stood back while his sibling managed to fight off the young would-be robbers. The little fellow took it all in, though, and came away with some very important life lessons: Be prepared to defend yourself. Show no fear.

Those were lessons that Clarence Henderson carried with him years later, on Feb. 2, 1960, when he walked through the door of 132 S. Elm St. in Greensboro and sat down to his place in his town’s –- and his nation’s – history.

And they’re lessons he remembers today as he proclaims a philosophy that sometimes raises eyebrows, even among those who consider him a hero for what he did 53 years ago. 

To continue reading click the link below:

Unlikely activist: Early civil rights protester stands out for conservative views – Winston-Salem Journal: Local News.

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“But You’re Black & the Tea Party is Racist!”

Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

Consevative Libertarian blogger Talitha McEachin

As a black woman who is a conservative, Republican & Tea Party member (Note: I’ll be changing my registration to Independent soon actually & recommend it to everyone), I have endured some very vicious attacks from some on the left, especially from other black people, but also from whites as well. As a conservative with a libertarian lean on some issues I have endured vicious attacks from some on the right as well but I digress. That’s not to say that all black conservatives endure this, but I feel confident in saying that the majority have. That has never deterred me and to be fair, I have met many on the left who have disagreed in a civil manner & even agree with me on some things. All on the left do not attack me for my political affiliation, not by far. Lately though, several on the left have emailed me or sent me messages on social media asking “Why are you a member of the racist Tea Party?” or “How can you be black and be a Tea Party member?” to which I have answered calmly to some, although it really irritated me to be honest. Nonetheless, instead of answering every individual message like this, I decided to share my ranted response on my blog, so that anytime someone asks me this, I can simply share the link & continue the dialogue, if necessary, after they have read this response, so here it goes:

FYI: The “Tea Party” movement was started in 2009. It is only named after the 1773 Boston Tea Party but has not been around that long. It is a grassroots, political movement with no central leadership, not a political party & ANYONE who believes in adherence to the constitution, reducing spending & taxes as well as the national debt & deficit is welcome. Are there racists in the Tea Party? I’m sure there are in some groups, but the same can be said for most, if not all large, grassroots organizations. That’s like walking into a full sports stadium and asking “Is there anyone in here that’s NOT a sports fan?” Well, sure there probably is, but obviously most in attendance are sports fans. Get my drift?

I’m really tired of the insistence on the part of some on the left, that the Tea Party exists for the sole purpose of racism. If you don’t agree with the platform fine, but it’s not a “racist” organization. When people on the left tell me this, it’s very insulting, because essentially you’re saying that as a black person, I’m too stupid to know what’s good for me politically, which is something I hear black liberals lament about quite often, regarding the right, when they are accused of being on a “liberal plantation”. I don’t like either charge & I would never be a part of anything inherently racist. If you want me to take you seriously when you offer criticism of the GOP, conservatism or the Tea Party, please give me more than accusations of racism.

Even if such charges have merit, that doesn’t mean the right’s position on any issue is automatically wrong. If a Neo Nazi stood up and said “The national debt is $16,784,436,417,497.89 trillion dollars as of April 20th 2013 and we must reduce spending” is it not true just because a Neo Nazi said it? Stop it with labeling an entire group of people racist just because they are white and/or right-wingers and start making sound arguments against issues & policy. I’m really tired of the whining from some & would greatly appreciate it if questions regarding my political affiliations did not include my race, which is irrelevant. Black people are not politically or otherwise, monolithic. Deal with it.


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Introducing the “Bloguement” (Conservative vs Liberal)

Introducing the “Bloguement” (Conservative vs Liberal)

One of the things that troubles me as I participate in & observe the plethora of political discussions throughout social media is the manner in which conservatives & liberals argue at one another & engage in name calling, instead of healthy, respectful dialogue. So a few months ago I asked for recommendations for a liberal with whom I could have such civil discourse with, even though we are ideologically opposed. I was specifically looking for a liberal blogger and after several recommendations, I was introduced to Yvette Carnell through our mutual Facebook friend Charlie Harris, who is also a Christian Conservative. After several discussions we both agreed that it would be a great idea to host this “bloguement”, featuring honest, civil debate in blog form on the political & social hot topics of the day.

Yvette Carnell is a self-professed Independent Liberal who is an editor of African-American news site and also maintains her own popular blog She is a former Hill staffer, writer, editor, social media enthusiast & I consider her a very worthy “opponent”.In all honesty, in my view, debating her is sort of like debating the liberal version of myself (if there were such a thing). She is also a fellow native of Atlanta, Georgia and a young black woman as am I. Her erudite commentary on social & political topics is well known throughout the liberal blogosphere. Yvette is a political analyst for the African-American business and politics site Madame Noire (formerly and she also contributes to internet newspaper giant The Huffington Post. Yvette is also a featured video commentator, in the popular videos of creator Dr. Boyce Watkins on Youtube.

I’m a Christian Conservative blogger, Republican & member of the Tea Party. My articles have appeared on numerous political blogs & websites including the Yahoo News Contributor Network,, former GOP presidential nominee Herman Cain’s CainTV & of course my own blog, Conservative Calmversation. I’m known throughout the conservative blogosphere for my provocative topics, candid opinions, humor & apologetics for the Conservative cause & the Christian faith. I am also featured on the Facebook page dedicated to highlight minority women within the Conservative movement, Conservative Black Women. I am also an editorial writer for Black Literature Magazine. The first novel of my fictional series, The Elements Book I is due for publication in early 2013 and my website is here. On Sundays, I host a 30 minute BlogTalkradio show called BookReads, highlighting authors of fiction.

The first topic that Yvette & I will be “blogueing” on is “Design your Ideal Healthcare Plan for America”. We both agree that the current state of healthcare in the private sector has not, is not & never has worked. We both dislike Obamacare, but for different reasons. Yvette is in favor of true universal healthcare run by the government and I am in favor of true healthcare reform, finally repairing what is wrong with the broken system we have had. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a very interesting endeavor on both of our parts! Input your email address (and confirm) on both of our blogsites to receive each edition of our “bloguement” to your email inbox!

Independent Liberal blogger Yvette Carnell

Consevative blogger Talitha McEachin


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Tea Party Activist vs Occupy LA Activist

Tea Party Activist vs Occupy LA Activist

My close friend & conservative “partner in crime” Walter Myers III had the pleasure of appearing on the SoCal PBS Insider show with host Rick Reiff to lightly debate Occupy LA activist Matt Ward recently. I wanted to share the video with you all because he does a fantastic job (as usual):

I agree strongly with Walter that the problem is big government and crony capitalism. It is ironic to me that although I do not know the political stance of host Rick Reiff, even he recognizes the Marxist overtones of Matt Ward’s statements. I am a strong Tea Party supporter and I believe that the two movements have some common ground. Great job Walter!


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RE: “Bush Did It, You Hate Obama”

RE: “Bush Did It, You Hate Obama”

“Bush did it/Bush did it too/You hate Obama” = “Talitha, I am really not educated on the issues enough to present a viable argument, so I’ll just blame Bush or try to divert attention from this by saying you hate Obama”

This is in response to many messages on social media and emails I have received in response to my blogs. If the shoe fits wear it (but there’s no need to tell me you’re wearing it), if not, don’t.

The most effective and strongest elected leaders take the moral and fiscal compasses they inherit and begin immediately to steer the people in the right direction. They do not give scapegoats or precedents more weight than the Constitution, which they take a public oath to uphold (on a Bible at that). They use common sense, morality, business and legislative acumen as well as the voice of the people, to ensure that every American is empowered to pursue life, liberty and happiness as the forefathers envisioned and as natural law makes apparent. If you want to argue that Obama is the best man for the job or that he is the lesser of two evils that’s fine but if you cannot do so apart from blaming Bush, or indulging in mind reading to tell me how I feel, then I submit, that you have not thoroughly studied the platform of the one you support to start with. Therefore, you cannot effectively argue aside from anti-Bush, anti-GOP or anti-Tea Party talking points and rhetoric.

In this election year, the most effective debates are color-blind and strictly seek to critique policy, legislation and actions in light of the constitution, not popularity, race, class or culture. Personally, I have conceded that America is too immature to do this, even after we have been separated by time from the many racial, cultural, gender-based and religious struggles, that so many of those before us gave their lives for, knowing that they would not see or benefit from such freedoms themselves. I urge you all to pray for all of our leaders and one another, that we would grow as a nation and reach the level of maturity and intellectual prowess needed, not merely to stay afloat but to thrive again. As for now we are no better than children squabbling over trinkets in a burning building. God help us. God help us all. God (please) bless America, even though we don’t deserve it.


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The Irony of Black Mistrust of the Government

The Irony of Black Mistrust of the Government

Since there will be a slightly longer waiting period than usual for the next installment to my blog series, “The Top 10 Things Black & White People want to know about one Another but won’t Ask“, I am going to share these thoughts with you in the interim as I continue my research.  With all of the mistrust in the black community of the federal government, it is very ironic to me, that we consistently & overwhelmingly vote for democratic politicians who want big federal government. There have been so many instances of unethical human experimentation on black people in this country & abroad, which were known to, performed by, or funded by the federal government including the experiments on female African slaves by J. Marion Sims, the “father of gynecology”. He performed experimental surgeries without anesthesia in the 1840′s on female slaves. Then later we have the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments conducted from 1932 to 1972 by the US Public Health Service on black men.

Then there are the urban myths/conspiracy theories that the federal government created the HIV virus & that list goes on and on. Then there is the general mistrust of the “system” which many assert unfairly sentences black & Latino criminals & commits racial profiling. Even capitalism itself is allegedly racist towards minorities! (not!) What’s my point? With all of the mistrust & rumors I have heard over the years about the federal government, it should be the part of our government we trust the LEAST. If all of what I have shared is true and more, as so many of us believe, then why in the world do we keep voting for big government policies & politicians who support them?! Black & Hispanic people should be first in line at the Tea Party rallies and strong supporters of conservative ideology. We’re too busy believing the rhetoric of black politicians like Maxine Waters & Andre Carson and celebrities like Mike Tyson (his opinion especially doesn’t mean squat to me) & Morgan Freeman, who lie to us & tell us the Tea Party movement  is racist, without explaining how, or giving us valid evidence. All of them could use a huge dose of reality…and a muzzle. Some of you won’t like this but in my opinion, this is just evidence of our collective “sheeple” mentality. Some of you believe so much of what you hear on the idiot box without doing your own investigations & that needs to change immediately….

to continue reading click here 

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The Summer Soldiers & Sunshine Patriots 2012

The Summer Soldiers & Sunshine Patriots 2012

I am human. I am female. I am a Christian. I am a Constitutional Conservative. I support the Republican Party. I am a member of the Tea Party. I happen to be Black through no effort of my own. I am an American patriot. I am unapologetic. I am unhyphenated. I care about my community, my country and the world at large. I am concerned for the direction America is headed in politically and socially despite the European examples. For those of you that received physical discipline from your parents, another family member or friend as a child, you have heard someone say before the leather belt or “switch” (hey, I’m a southerner we got “whoopings” with switches) struck your flesh, “I do this because I love you”. I am concerned for my fellow Conservatives and in these difficult times sometimes we need discipline so I write this post because I love you all.

I am deeply troubled by the postings in various social media, opinions and some movements within the Conservative movement. There are two such troublesome areas which I will discuss in this missive and before I begin I cannot help but to think of another famous American faced with a similar predicament, Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine was an English American author, pamphleteer, radical, inventor, intellectual, revolutionary, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He has been called “a corsetmaker by trade, a journalist by profession, and a propagandist by inclination.”Born in Thetford, in the English county of Norfolk, Paine immigrated to the British American colonies in 1774 in time to participate in the American Revolution. His principal contributions were the powerful, widely read pamphlet Common Sense (1776), the all-time best-selling American book that advocated colonial America’s independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and The American Crisis (1776–1783), a pro-revolutionary pamphlet series. “Common Sense” was so influential that John Adams said, “Without the pen of the author of ‘Common Sense,’ the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.”

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense (oh what an appropriate title!) to make an irrefutable argument for separation from England and described the revolution as not only achievable but inevitable. Paine convinced many people who were undecided to choose a side on whether they wanted to break free from British Rule and become Independent, or to be subject to British Monarchy. He helped pave the way for the Revolution and war against Britian leading the way to American Independence. My favorite piece of writing from Thomas Paine was written just before Christmas in 1776, to encourage dispirited soldiers who were starting to abandon their posts during the Revolutionary War. Let me remind you all of some of his fiery, inspring, true words:

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God.”

As indicated above by my highlighting, the area which I will embrace with disciplinary love is for the “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” among us in the Conservative movement. We have people who call themselves Conservatives/Republicans who are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are among us under the guise of “conservatism”and do everything they can, whether purposely, accidentally or ignorantly to undermine our goals. There are two main groups of Conservatives who do this. The extremist fans of certain candidates, who are calling upon Conservatives to write-in their favorite candidate on the ballot if they do not win the Republican nomination. Then there are those who are working with great effort to convince others to not vote at all if their favorite candidate does not win the Republican nomination.

These people may be Conservatives but their actions are quite Liberal. We all know that actions speak louder than words and I have never seen such unpatriotic and idiotic nonsense in any prior election that I was old enough to have a real opinion about and pay attention to. To make matters worse, the candidates themselves whom people are so fixated upon, would not even want write-in votes nor a Conservative to not go at all to the polls, no sane person would. Take Herman Cain for example who not even twenty-four hours ago as I write this,on the Contagious Transformation BlogTalk radio show with host Stacy Swimp said, “Not defeating him {Barack Obama} is not an option, and this is what it’s gonna take. First of all we are up against the Liberal machine. We are up against the mainstream, lamestream, lapdog media that is in Obama’s Corner. We know that they are biased, all you have to do is look at how slanted the news is and the information they do not present to people. We are up against this. Here’s how we win, Conservatives and Republicans have got to be very involved and active and don’t stay home. In the last election, because some people didn’t like John McCain, they stayed home – that was a vote for Barack Obama. So if your favorite candidate doesn’t get the nomination, get over it! get over it! or we lose…

Truer words on this issue have never been spoken and I feel very comfortable saying that Herman Cain does not exclude himself from this statement (if he did he’d be hypocritical) so enough is enough with the write-in campaigns and call for Conservatives not to vote at all (as some did in 2008) if their favorite candidate is not the GOP winner. What is even more disturbing is that some of the “conservatives” who think we should not vote if our candidate is not the one to face Obama, are Black! I keep thinking to myself how in the world, can ANY Black person, especially a Black Conservative call upon othesr NOT to cast a vote? Our forebearers fought hard and died in the Black suffrage movement years ago and a Conservative would actually open their mouth to ask someone else NOT to vote? It is the most ridiculous and selfish thing any of us could ask another to do. At a minimum, if that is how YOU feel, then you should not vote but to encourage others to do this and start a “movement” around this idea is as blasphemous as it gets!

Conservatives we must remember that the ultimate goal is to make Barack Obama a one-term President! Keep your eyes on the prize. I am Black and a Conservative, a minority in a community whose members will vote 80%-90% Democratic no matter what myself and other Black Conservatives do or say and I still stand for the Conservative movement, the Republican Party and the Tea Party. If there was any member of the Conservative movement to become discouraged, it should be me and others like me but I am not afraid. I will not give in to the Liberal machine. There are candidates that I don’t care for due to a variety of reasons but, if one of them ends up getting the nomination I will get behind them with every fiber of my being to evict Barack Hussein Obama from the White House. How dare any Conservative ask another to write in a candidate who has lost or stay home on election day in the face of a tryanny more dangerous than that of the British when Thomas Paine wrote those uplifting, prophetic words because you “don’t like” someone? This is not an election for 8th grade class president this is an election for the leader of our country! Our disapproval of Obama’s failed legislation, socialism, tyranny and incompetence should outweigh our disapproval of any particular Republican nominee! We are not liberals, driven to the polls by the color of a candidate’s skin, we are Conservative warriors who love our country and our freedom more and this foolishness among us needs to cease immediately.

Black Conservatives, although we are the minority in our community we must stand and vote. We must continue to fight the fight. I’m going to surprise and not surprise many of you reading this with this statement and it may prove to be my most controversial but I just don’t care about that anymore. The time is now to speak truthfully and boldly on such matters. Barack Obama is the worst person whom the Black community admires, and not for the well-known reasons. I do not say this because of his failed legislation, not due to his class warfare or race-baiting, not because economically he is incompetent, not because he is  fiscally irresponsible like former president Bush. I don’t say this because he is spending our tax dollars at a more rapid rate than Bush and I do not say this out of any personal bias or hatred as some people have suggested to me. I am incapable of “hating” someone that I do not know because I work tremendously hard to allow logic to dictate my emotions and not the other way around. Barack Obama is the worst thing to “happen” to the Black community because obviously, collectively, we have not matured to the point where we do not merely follow a charismatic leader because he or she is one of us, and we obviously cannot (as a whole there are exceptions) look past even the skin color of members of our own community.

This is quite tragic since we simultaneously praise and worship Martin Luther King Jr whose dream was for us to be judged by the content of our character and NOT skin color. We were simply not ready for a Black president. If you are steaming with anger right now and are Black, consider that 90% of the Black community voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Listen, you can say whatever you want, but 90% of the vote in our community says that much of that vote was based on race alone and no consideration was given to his platform. If it were 30%, 40% or 55% even, I’d give other reasons consideration, however, 90%?! Please. We voted in droves for the first black president, because he was black in record numbers – even Tom Joyner and Samuel L. Jackson have openly admitted to this. If you are White and steaming with anger right now, get over yourself and stop pouring gas onto the fire that is the Black vote.

The Black community is so “star-struck” from having a black president that we cannot see past his failed legislation and lack of concern for our community (not that I think he should specify his concern but many of our “leaders” disagree with me). If you don’t believe that then ask Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson or Tavis Smiley – they criticize Obama for his lack of “hope & change”in the Black community, when they need to broaden their views to include all of the communities of America who suffer along with Black people. Our job is to educate and actively participate by dispelling the liberal lies that are widespread about the Republican Party and the Tea Party, not become divided among ourselves over petty ideological differences as some have.

Some of you, my fellow Conservatives are indeed shrinking from the service to the Conservative movement and have become “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots”. You only proudly wear the Conservative garment when it is convenient and popular and I say, it’s time for you to make a decision. Either you are for Conservatism/the GOP/Tea Party or you are against us. When it seems that we have the odds stacked against us or that the liberals are winning (which they are not), consider these wise words from Thomas Paine and Ronald Reagan before you abandon your post:

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” –  Thomas Paine

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” – Thomas Paine

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” – Ronald Reagan

Remember this battle against the Liberal machine is even greater than preserving our freedom for ourselves , we must preserve it for posterity and if you relinquish your duty you are handing the generations to come over to tyranny.

(Originally published on 2-21-2012)

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