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Liberals: Some Food For Thought

Consevative blogger Talitha McEachin

Conservative blogger Talitha McEachin

Yesterday I posted a saying on a social media site regarding black women and abortion, and black on black violence, using statistics from the CDC and the FBI to buttress my points. Here’s that quote:

“The most dangerous place for a black baby is the womb & the greatest danger to a black man is another black man…”

Now, there’s no disputing the data. The underlying reasons or the solutions may be up for debate but the numbers are what they are. This is not the first time I have shared such information and every time I do, I always (thus far) have black liberals who come to dispute my well documented statistics, citing that “Anyone can make up a chart or data” and they always question the source. When I present the sources as coming from the federal government via the CDC or FBI these are the things I hear – that the sources are not always trustworthy, they can be racist…etc.

This is always very ironic to me because most liberals support big federal government. They think government run universal healthcare is a great idea and a number of other things that most conservatives oppose on the grounds that they are too intrusive and at best should be regulated by each state. My point is this:

If you trust Uncle Sam to make healthcare decisions for you (for example) or to re-distribute your tax dollars in whatever way the feds see fit, why in the world would you suddenly not trust that SAME federal government to report crime statistics and collect data? 

The Feds are so wonderful, trustworthy and benevolent when it comes to your money, your retirement (SS), your healthcare and so many other things but they are racist and untrustworthy when they tell us year after year that black people are killing other black people at a higher rate than any other group in America? They don’t know what they are doing when they tell us that black women account for most of the abortions performed each year? That makes no sense whatsoever! (By the way the same feds tell us that white men commit most arson and sex related homicides too! so much for racism.) But then again, maybe it’s me…after all, I’m crazy enough to think that women should close their legs until married and responsible gun owners should…have guns…


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