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Damn Those Racist Whites & Their Stereotypes About “Us”!

I posted the following status to my Facebook page earlier this evening about a family member on welfare who is in no way trying to get out of her situation:

“I have a distant cousin with 8 children by 6 different men who gets thousands a month in food stamps & a monthly welfare check AND she gets WIC AND she gets free public housing….sits at home all day doesn’t even have her diploma and is not trying to get it either. She also makes money selling her food stamps sometimes…here I am struggling….and I went to college! For the last several years I have owed federal taxes even after I pay from each paycheck all year long….no refunds for me in like 5 years but she gets THOUSANDS back because of the EIC….how is that in any way fair? Hard work gets penalized and laziness & irresponsibility rewarded. Sometimes I can’t stand this country, and some of you want to know why I support a fair or flat tax. Please.”

Now this post so far has received 192 comments and 129 “likes” and the discussion has been…well…interesting. This post you are reading right now started off as a comment but then I decided that this was really another discussion entirely. Several comments from other black people to my inbox prompted this introspection. I was thinking about my own parents when I was growing up and when I was a senior in high school I entered the Miss Black Teen Atlanta pageant (This was in 1995). I wanted to drop out after I saw that most of the girls competing against me were very experienced in pageant participation and some even told me that I wouldn’t win because I had never been in a pageant before, I was a tomboy (kind of, I was actually just athletic) or whatever reason. Long story short, upon telling my parents that I wanted to drop out they said “Absolutely not, you started this, raised all that money, so you better finish it. Don’t worry about what those other girls say, prove them wrong.” Well, I didn’t win the crown but I was the 1st runner up (I’m the one to the right of the winner in the middle in this picture in the pink dress, which is also the featured picture above) to Miss Black Teen Atlanta in 1995 which was a big achievement for an athlete who didn’t like to wear heels back then but entered to diversify my extracurricular activity for college applications.

So you’re probably thinking, what in the world does this have to do with welfare or people that abuse the system? Let me make the correlation.Do you know what really bothers me the most about posting commentary like that above from my Facebook page?  The fact that if a white person posted that same thing they would be attacked and labeled a “racist”. Many black people are so quick to point out that there are more white people on welfare than black (which is true although there is a disparity) whenever the topic comes up, but they will not deal with the reality that far too many black people are on welfare, when we are only 12% of the US population. So many of us assume that the white person who comments on welfare, just has to be talking about black people – stereotyping. We believe those very same stereotypes about one another so much that even if a white person makes a general comment like mine above, we automatically assume it’s about us. Well, besides the arrogance one has to have to make such an assumption, we are really projecting what we think about other black people onto white people (not every time but if I had to guess I’d say 50% – 60% of the time). In other words, some of us really think that we are so important to white people that every disparaging or general remark they make is about a black person or black people in general, even when race is not mentioned. I hate to break it to some of you, we’re just not that special.

Based on the raw numbers, it is actually more likely that they are talking about another white person. Black people, do you really think that a white person who is working their butt off to pay their mortgage, taxes, utilities, tithes, clothes & food for their children really gives a damn about the race of the person on welfare & fraudulently abusing the system, whom their tax dollars supports? (to be distinguished from those really in need & those who eventually get off of welfare) I mean…think about that.Why would they have any less disgust for a white person blowing their tax dollars? It doesn’t even make any sense.

As a black person who pays taxes, I don’t care if the freeloaders are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or Green.I just want them to become self sufficient and to cease being a burden on the system. Of course there are people from ALL races who unfairly think that one race is more of a burden than others but I have seen and heard white friends of mine complain about a lazy, freeloading friend, neighbor, cousin, child, sibling who is white. This is not unique to the black community. With all of the vitriol and  backlash that some white people get for so called “racism” for thinking that all black people want a handout., why don’t we try something different to solve that problem. Why not work on getting the numbers and disparity down significantly? To me, that’s the only way to deal with perceived racist remarks and stereotypes. Won’t it feel good to say to those white people (whom I believe are the minority but I could be wrong) who think that way how wrong they are. Wouldn’t you feel such pride in exclaiming, “Ha! you’re wrong! the statistics show _____, Bam! in your face!”

We each can start by expunging that mentality from our own families if it exists and teaching our children the value of hard work and how rewarding self reliance is. Folks,instead of going around talking about the racist whites who think ALL black people want handouts, make them liars by making the supporting evidence go away. What good is it to argue and label them racists, if they can point to statistical disparities to make their case whether they are racist or not. The bottom line is what my parents told me years ago and as I subsequently did – prove them wrong!


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