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Black Conservatives for Trayvon Martin Share Their Thoughts


zimmerman martinLast year when I wrote about the ‪George Zimmerman‬ case for Yahoo (in three parts), I was definitely, initially more defensive of Zimmerman but urged that we all wait for the facts. Here are some facts gathered by ‪black conservatives‬ who side with the ‎Trayvon Martin‬ family/prosecution & do not believe Zimmerman’s self-defense claims. Interesting & admittedly, some of these are things that brought up questions in my mind & others I didn’t know, like the fact that there was no grass tall enough to hide Martin’s 5’11’ height (#19 on this list). Personally, I think that many on the left & right have had a knee-jerk reaction, to automatically oppose the other due to political tribalism. The fact that ‪Al Sharpton‬ was involved in this case (he was asked to) I think also caused some to oppose him because they don’t like him or his involvement in prior cases. I don’t have enough fingers & toes to count the number of times a person (usually on the right) has brought up the Tawana Brawley case & Al Sharpton’s involvement in it, when discussing this case.  In philosophy, we call that a genetic fallacy, which is rejecting an idea because of the source rather than it’s merits. For some, since Al Sharpton is involved & believes Zimmerman is guilty, Zimmerman must therefore, be innocent of murder & his claims of self-defense more plausible. Do you see how fallacious that is? Sharpton being wrong about Tawana Brawley doesn’t mean he’s wrong about George Zimmerman, or that Zimmerman acted in self-defense as he claims.

Likewise, some on the left will not even consider the possibility that Zimmerman may have shot in self-defense & won’t view this in any other way other than through their own political or racial prism. If the right-wing mostly supports Zimmerman, he must be guilty. I have examined both sides & can’t make up my mind completely, but I don’t believe Zimmerman’s version of events entirely, and I won’t pretend to because that’s the consensus on my political “side”. Equally, I won’t condemn him just because I’m black or the fact that most on the left support him either. I’ll wait for the verdict & accept it. We must respect the rule of law, not the media or the mob – on either side. For my liberal friends who think all black conservatives defend Zimmerman, you’re wrong. In the end, only the thoughts of the six, female jurors matter.

Here is the list compiled by Black Conservatives for Trayvon as it was posted, but I’ll add that #23 is not sharpton and martin familyentirely accurate because there is video evidence that Trayvon Martin was wearing his hoodie, at least part of the time he was in the store. That doesn’t prove any criminality on his part though. It was raining outside and perhaps he chose not to take it off because he wasn’t going to be in there for very long. In any case, it’s not illegal to wear a hoodie and I wear them all the time (and I’m a black American), particularly in the winter while jogging, am I a criminal or thug too? If anyone is wondering why I am sharing this, it’s simple – for balance. I’ve used plenty of keystrokes already in Zimmerman’s defense & I won’t censor my uncertainty regarding his claims. It’s called objectivity:

Trayvon Martin Killing: Fact Sheet


This tragedy and subsequent trial has brought race relations in America to a fever pitch. Most people are responding according to their cultural and racial biases and NOT the facts of the case. The following, documented facts cannot be disputed. If you are interested in truth and justice, review the following facts and see if they do not reshape some of your opinions. No matter what your race or political affiliation, the following facts cannot be disputed:

1. Zimmerman called the police to report Martin’s “suspicious” behavior, which he described as “just walking around looking about.” Walking around in the neighborhood is not a crime nor suspicious for a 17 yr old teenager… at 7:30pm.

Zimmerman was in his car when he saw Martin walking on the street. He called the police and said: “There’s a real suspicious guy. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about… These a**holes always get away”
(Orlando Sentinel)

2. Zimmerman pursued Martin against the explicit instructions of the police dispatcher:

Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”
Zimmerman: “Yeah”
Dispatcher: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”
(Orlando Sentinel)

3. Prior to the release of the 911 tapes, Zimmerman’s father released a statement claiming ”At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin.”
(Sun Sentinel)

4. Zimmerman was carrying a 9 millimeter handgun. Martin was carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea.
(ABC News)

5. Martin weighed 153 pounds at the time of death. Zimmerman weighs 250 pounds and was 204 pounds at the time of shooting.
(Orlando Sentinel)

6. Martin’s English teacher described him as “as an A and B student who majored in cheerfulness.” He was not a ‘bad’ or ‘troubled’ student. He got a mandatory suspension from school because he had an empty bag w/ marijuana residue.
(Orlando Sentinel)

7. Martin had no criminal record.
(New York Times)

8. Zimmerman “was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer. The charges appear to have been dropped.” Additionally, he had been previously entered into an anger management program for domestic violence assault on a girlfriend.

9. Zimmerman called the police 46 times between Jan. 1, 2011 and the shooting on February 25th, 2012.
(Miami Herald)

10. According to neighbors, Zimmerman was “fixated on crime and focused on young, black males.”
(Miami Herald)

11. Zimmerman “had been the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated community for aggressive tactics”
(Huffington Post)

12. A police officer “corrected” a key witness. “The officer told the witness, a long-time teacher, it was Zimmerman who cried for help, said the witness. ABC News has spoken to the teacher and she confirmed that the officer corrected her when she said she heard the teenager shout for help.”
(ABC News)

13. Three witnesses say they heard a boy cry for help before a shot was fired. “Three witnesses contacted by The Miami Herald say they saw or heard the moments before and after the Miami Gardens teenager’s killing. All three said they heard the last howl for help from a despondent boy.”
(Miami Herald)

14. The officer in charge of the crime scene also received criticism in 2010 when he initially failed to arrest a lieutenant’s son who was videotaped attacking a homeless black man.
(New York Times)

15. The police did not test Zimmerman for drugs or alcohol. A law enforcement expert told ABC that Zimmerman sounds intoxicated on the 911 tapes. Drug and alcohol testing is “standard procedure in most homicide investigations.”
9ABC News0

16. George Zimmerman took Mixed Martial Arts classes for at least a year before the incident. A physician assistant who treated George Zimmerman’s injuries the day after he said he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense testified that she had treated Zimmerman before, and that he told her he’d had been involved with mixed martial arts several times a week.
(Central Florida News)

17. The detective originally on the case was stopped by the chief of police from filing charges and arresting Zimmerman for manslaughter. When he insisted on filing the charges, he was demoted from detective back to night beat officers.

18. Zimmerman claims to have been looking for an address in a gated neighborhood with ONLY 3 streets that he is the self proclaimed neighborhood watch captain of… and he has lived there for 4 years. Also, the street he claimed to be looking for an address from had obvious street numbers on it.
(Trial Evidence)

19. His original claim was that he was sucker punched after Martin jumped from the bushes and attacked him. There are no bushes tall enough to hide his 5′ 11” body in the neighborhood anywhere near the incident.

20. The gun George Zimmerman used was designed to be loaded and ready to shoot. It was also concealed in a holster behind his back. His gun had to have been loaded when he pulled it out to shoot Martin, which is inconsistent with his assertion that he was afraid of the unarmed teenager.

21. The actual shooting took place +40 feet away from where Zimmerman claimed he was attacked and immediately knocked down and claims he was unable to flee from. They had to have scuffled and rolled on the ground in front of 2 different residences (leaving no dna or forensic evidence behind) before being shot.
(Trial Evidence)

22. In addition to the 3 different accounts from Zimmerman not adding up, Zimmerman claims that he was screaming for help as he reached for his gun and shot the boy. In the phone recording, the screaming for help immediately stopped once the gun was fired. He says that the threat was eliminated and therefore he didn’t need to scream anymore. But, he was adamant that he didn’t know that he shot him or killed him when interviewed by the police.
(Trial Evidence)

23. Though dark, it was 7:30pm on a Sunday evening. He was walking, not running, in a neighborhood that he was SUPPOSED to be in as he was heading back home to take the candy back to his 12 yr old (soon to be) step brother. According to the video in the store, he didn’t have his hoodie on. That didn’t take place until it started raining.
(Trial Evidence)

24. Zimmerman’s original attorney’s decided NOT to represent him once they spoke to him and found out the facts of the case. This was dismissed in the media as them being ‘opportunist’ and only wanting publicity.

Click HERE to visit “Black Conservatives for Trayvon”

Everyone have a blessed & productive day! Until next time…


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Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom RIP

Channon_christian_Christopher_newsomI have been following the re-trial of two of the murderers of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom. They were a young white couple headed to a party in Knoxville, TN when they were carjacked, kidnapped, raped, sodomized, tortured, beaten & ultimately killed by four black men & one black woman on January 7th, 2007. All were convicted however, due to misconduct of the original judge (who has since been disbarred) two of them are being re-tried. This is the second & last re-trial tied to that disgraceful judge. The victims’ families have been present at every single court hearing & my heart goes out to them. It’s one thing to lose a loved one, but to know that they were tortured so brutally & in the case of the female victim, she slowly suffocated to death in a trash can after being tortured, burned with cigarettes, raped in every way possible & having bleach poured down her throat for hours. I don’t mean to be graphic, but it’s important for people to know how heinous this crime was and remember how much Christian & Newsom suffered before their lives were taken from them.

All five of the monsters had prior records. Even though we know of some of the most horrific, inhumane treatment of humans possible in history – the Holocaust, the lynchings of black people in the South, the Rwandan genocide..etc, we still have so much evil in the world. This case got no national attention and it has to be one of the most brutal murders in modern day America. I just don’t understand how five people can carjack, abduct, rape in every way possible, burn with cigarettes, beat, pour bleach down their throats while still alive, sodomize, shoot & suffocate slowly – two people, just on their way to a party, minding their own business, and get zero national coverage, even though the victims & monsters were different races. If it were reversed & the victims were black persons, we’d never stop hearing about it. It’s a glaring double standard in this country, which only serves to exacerbate racial tensions in America.

I’m in no way saying we shouldn’t hear about cases where the victims are black people, but we should at least have some balance. Where are the hate crime police here? If being white (in & of itself) when you commit a crime against a black person is a hate crime (according to some past accusations) then why isn’t the opposite true? Folks, there are monsters of the worst kind in every race, but when the media highlights some & ignores others, it gives the false impression that one race is more culpable & evil than others. Corporate media outlets take advantage of historical precedents in order to keep us at each other’s throats. At the same time, I don’t have any interest in using cases like this (as some have) to start a dialogue on hate crimes, because I do respect the feelings of the victims’ families, who probably don’t care about legislation, because it won’t bring their loved ones back. I pray that one day we collectively see through this game they play. RIP Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom. God please comfort their families, who six years later have to hear all of these testimonies & details again. I also pray for their killers, even though I don’t want to, because they need salvation from my perspective, but of course they still have to suffer the consequences of their evil actions. The earthly punishment is just not sufficient to me if I’m being honest but I pray that this puts race relations into perspective for America, in the wake of the enormous amount of coverage the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco received.


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Reparations: “Where’s My 40 Acres & A Mule America?

Reparations: “Where’s My 40 Acres & A Mule America?

“Well I think every black person should at least get $100,000.”

“What do you think that’s gonna do?”

“That won’t do nothing but make Cadillac the number-one dealership in the country!”

“Everywhere you look, there’s opportunity. You know what I mean?”

“Everybody here would love to get a handout.”

 “lf they handing it out, I won’t turn down nothing but my collar.”

“Not everybody think reparations is a good idea, It’s stupid.”

Conversation from Barbershop Part I

There is no dispute that Africans were sold and/or kidnapped,  brought to America via the Middle Passage and forced into slavery and because of this dark period in U.S. History, some black Americans believe that descendants of slaves deserve reparations of some kind for this forced, unpaid labor.  The debate has raged for years now and shows no signs of going away or slowing soon, so it should come as no surprise that this was the second highest question from black respondents to my survey.

When debating reparations, it is important to note that there are basically four sources from which proponents argue reparations should come – the federal government, big corporations built on slave labor, believe it or not – white people in general and any combination or all of these sources. As with other topics, even though I identify as a conservative ideologically, I like to speak with my liberal and moderate friends to get their perspectives to have some balance of insight. Yvette Carnell is a self-professed independent liberal blogger and editor at the African-American news site She happens to support efforts for reparations and this is what she had to say when I asked her about the topic:

Reparations are really the only way to make amends for the enslavement and subsequent oppression of black Africans in this country. America recompensed the Japanese in this way, and Germany paid holocaust victims. But, for reasons I won’t dare speculate upon, conservatives recoil at the very idea of rendering compensation to the ancestors of black slaves who were forced to labor for free, against their will.

And before you start in on how most African-Americans alive today were never actual slaves, just descendants of slaves, let me point out the obvious fact; it is not the fault of African-Americans that America has been so slow to do the right, moral, and just thing. The U.S. Senate didn’t apologize for slavery until 2009. It took our lawmakers that long to admit that the torture and revocation of freedom inflicted upon Africans once they crossed American shores was, in fact, an atrocity. That long to own up to the truth of what was done to our ancestors at the hands of those who valued money over morality. And, apparently, it’s taking that long to truly do the math on the monetary impact of having progenitors who came from nothing, not because they were lazy, but because they were enslaved and robbed. There’s a value to that, and it’s time that our government paid up. How can the “land of the free” not see the hypocrisy in refusing to compensate people for robbing them of all choice in how to work, love, and live. Reparations in the country are long overdue.” 

I also got the opinion of a moderate Democrat who said:

“In a perfect world, the best form of reparations would be a historical role reversal in which black people become the oppressors and white people the enslaved. White people would finally completely understand the pain, anguish and why black people cannot “just get over it” and how horrific the institution of slavery was. Pious black people on the other hand, would receive a harsh reality check, because they’d be no more or less brutal and inhumane than their white counterparts in such a scenario. Given reversed historical circumstances, blacks would not have behaved a whit better and whites would not have survived with any less wounds. I’d love to see both groups squirm when the shoe is on the other foot. There’s no such thing as a wound which takes less time to heal than it took to inflict. Slavery in the U.S. lasted about 250 years (the first slaves arrived in 1619), followed by Jim Crow and segregation. Counting by lost man-years (the average slave lived about 13 years less than his white masters) the loss of life was easily profound.

I have never, ever denied the importance of Jews remembering the Holocaust, the Japanese remembering interment during WWII or the discrimination suffered by Irish Catholics, but some whites have never stopped implying that blacks are inferior, deserved their slavery, deserved to be separated during segregation or that we should “get over it already”. I’ll forget slavery when southerners stop reenacting Civil War battles, and Conservatives stop thinking the descendants of slaves are the same as immigrants. With that said, I still don’t think that blacks should receive reparations because we are too far removed from it. The most appropriate timing would have been as close to harm inflicted as possible, so it’s not very practical to attempt to indemnify descendants of slaves from hundreds of years ago, now.”

Now this moderate Democrat is uniquely qualified to give an opinion on the matter because he is none other than New York Times bestselling author Steven Barnes of  Steven is the author of Lion’s Blood and the sequel Zulu Heart, which are alternative history novels set in the late 1800’s in which Africa colonized the Americas, enslaving Europeans, so he has taken the time to meticulously explore this view in the realm of fiction. I highly recommend that every American read his books because Steven is correct: human beings are very tribal but behaviorally, we are not much different from one another at all. For the record, although I can certainly empathize with Yvette’s point of view, I do agree with Steven, in that it’s not very practical at this point to issue reparations. Now that does not exonerate this country from blame or wrongdoing, after all, former President Bush called slavery “one of the greatest crimes of the century” in 2003 and in 2008 former president Bill Clinton expressed regret for slavery. In 2008 the US House of Representatives apologized for slavery and, in 2009, the US Senate made a formal apology for it. I have to agree with the last sentence of the writer here  who ended the article with: “An apology is a small step toward redemption. It will not improve anyone’s lot in life. But symbols do matter.”

However, reparations proponents believe it should not stop there. The federal government and corporations that have reaped the benefits of free slave labor (and all white people for some) should pay up; citing reparations paid to Japanese-Americans during WWII and Holocaust victims from the German government. The fact of the matter is that the 7,000 Japanese-Americans were paid reparations at that time and were very easily identified, as were Jewish Holocaust victims. At this point, no actual perpetrator of the wrongdoing would actually be forced to make amends. They are long gone and so are their immediate victims. According to Wikipedia:

“Since in almost all cases there are no living ex-slaves or living ex-slave owners these movements have gained little traction. In nearly all cases the judicial system has ruled that the statute of limitations on these possible claims has long since expired.”

Let me also state that I vehemently disagree with those who think that “all white people” should pay reparations because simply put, “all white people” – in fact most white people are not descendants of slave-owners to start with. The most recent and accurate estimates that I found state that only approximately 20% of  Americans share ancestry with a slave-owner and that estimate includes white, black and Native Americans who owned slaves (yes there were free blacks and native Americans who owned slaves also). I have not seenany movements to seek reparations from descendants of free blacks or Native Americans who owned slaves.

To continue reading please click here.

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Damn Those Racist Whites & Their Stereotypes About “Us”!

I posted the following status to my Facebook page earlier this evening about a family member on welfare who is in no way trying to get out of her situation:

“I have a distant cousin with 8 children by 6 different men who gets thousands a month in food stamps & a monthly welfare check AND she gets WIC AND she gets free public housing….sits at home all day doesn’t even have her diploma and is not trying to get it either. She also makes money selling her food stamps sometimes…here I am struggling….and I went to college! For the last several years I have owed federal taxes even after I pay from each paycheck all year long….no refunds for me in like 5 years but she gets THOUSANDS back because of the EIC….how is that in any way fair? Hard work gets penalized and laziness & irresponsibility rewarded. Sometimes I can’t stand this country, and some of you want to know why I support a fair or flat tax. Please.”

Now this post so far has received 192 comments and 129 “likes” and the discussion has been…well…interesting. This post you are reading right now started off as a comment but then I decided that this was really another discussion entirely. Several comments from other black people to my inbox prompted this introspection. I was thinking about my own parents when I was growing up and when I was a senior in high school I entered the Miss Black Teen Atlanta pageant (This was in 1995). I wanted to drop out after I saw that most of the girls competing against me were very experienced in pageant participation and some even told me that I wouldn’t win because I had never been in a pageant before, I was a tomboy (kind of, I was actually just athletic) or whatever reason. Long story short, upon telling my parents that I wanted to drop out they said “Absolutely not, you started this, raised all that money, so you better finish it. Don’t worry about what those other girls say, prove them wrong.” Well, I didn’t win the crown but I was the 1st runner up (I’m the one to the right of the winner in the middle in this picture in the pink dress, which is also the featured picture above) to Miss Black Teen Atlanta in 1995 which was a big achievement for an athlete who didn’t like to wear heels back then but entered to diversify my extracurricular activity for college applications.

So you’re probably thinking, what in the world does this have to do with welfare or people that abuse the system? Let me make the correlation.Do you know what really bothers me the most about posting commentary like that above from my Facebook page?  The fact that if a white person posted that same thing they would be attacked and labeled a “racist”. Many black people are so quick to point out that there are more white people on welfare than black (which is true although there is a disparity) whenever the topic comes up, but they will not deal with the reality that far too many black people are on welfare, when we are only 12% of the US population. So many of us assume that the white person who comments on welfare, just has to be talking about black people – stereotyping. We believe those very same stereotypes about one another so much that even if a white person makes a general comment like mine above, we automatically assume it’s about us. Well, besides the arrogance one has to have to make such an assumption, we are really projecting what we think about other black people onto white people (not every time but if I had to guess I’d say 50% – 60% of the time). In other words, some of us really think that we are so important to white people that every disparaging or general remark they make is about a black person or black people in general, even when race is not mentioned. I hate to break it to some of you, we’re just not that special.

Based on the raw numbers, it is actually more likely that they are talking about another white person. Black people, do you really think that a white person who is working their butt off to pay their mortgage, taxes, utilities, tithes, clothes & food for their children really gives a damn about the race of the person on welfare & fraudulently abusing the system, whom their tax dollars supports? (to be distinguished from those really in need & those who eventually get off of welfare) I mean…think about that.Why would they have any less disgust for a white person blowing their tax dollars? It doesn’t even make any sense.

As a black person who pays taxes, I don’t care if the freeloaders are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or Green.I just want them to become self sufficient and to cease being a burden on the system. Of course there are people from ALL races who unfairly think that one race is more of a burden than others but I have seen and heard white friends of mine complain about a lazy, freeloading friend, neighbor, cousin, child, sibling who is white. This is not unique to the black community. With all of the vitriol and  backlash that some white people get for so called “racism” for thinking that all black people want a handout., why don’t we try something different to solve that problem. Why not work on getting the numbers and disparity down significantly? To me, that’s the only way to deal with perceived racist remarks and stereotypes. Won’t it feel good to say to those white people (whom I believe are the minority but I could be wrong) who think that way how wrong they are. Wouldn’t you feel such pride in exclaiming, “Ha! you’re wrong! the statistics show _____, Bam! in your face!”

We each can start by expunging that mentality from our own families if it exists and teaching our children the value of hard work and how rewarding self reliance is. Folks,instead of going around talking about the racist whites who think ALL black people want handouts, make them liars by making the supporting evidence go away. What good is it to argue and label them racists, if they can point to statistical disparities to make their case whether they are racist or not. The bottom line is what my parents told me years ago and as I subsequently did – prove them wrong!


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Among Conservatives: Black Bullies & White Extremists

Among Conservatives: Black Bullies & White Extremists

As is the case with many articles I write, they start off as a status update on a social media site until I realize that they are much too long for a mere status update. This may be my least popular article but I’m okay with that because I think this needs to be said. Racial tensions in this country are at a peak now because everyone has an opinion on the Zimmerman/Martin case and the Liberal media is constantly fanning the flames and maintaining confusion with it’s slow drizzling out of the truth mixed in with deliberate exaggerations or lies. Now what I’m about to say is me on the outside looking in at everyone, myself included. What bothers me now about some elements of the Conservative, collective reaction to the Zimmerman case is that there are some black Conservatives putting pressure on some other white Conservatives to come out against Zimmerman which some have reserved judgment on, because the details are so murky.Yeah I know he followed him and shot him so please don’t respond with the reported details because the only solid evidence we know now is the 911 call really, everything else that does not come directly from a primary source is hearsay.

Black Conservatives, not every white Conservative who thinks Zimmerman was defending himself is a racist under the guise of Conservatism. Zimmerman followed Trayvon we all know that but what we don’t know with certainty is what motivated him to do so and it is possible that it was not his race. Given the crime statistics in the area it is also possible that he was racially profiling him but was not doing so without racism. I know some of you are like “what in the world does she mean by that?” What I mean is the same way the FBI profile for most terrosists nowadays is typically a man of Middle Eastern descent, but does that mean that the agent out looking for him is racist towards Middle Eastern men? Now that analogy some will say is apples and oranges but the general principle is the same so I think of it as Gala apples and Granny Smith apples.  Some Black Conservatives are presenting their arguments for Zimmerman as the villian in a very cunning way. They say, “Now you know me, I don’t play the race cards, I’m a Tea Party member, GOP and a Conservative. I NEVER cry racism but THIS time you need to join me in calling a spade a spade. THIS time, is the one exception, the isolated incident.” You see my problem with that is that philosophically you’re cornering the white Conservative and placing them in a position where even if they have a differrent view they HAVE to agree because otherwise their “failure” to see your point means they are in danger of being viewed as a racist or being told “You’re not a TRUE Conservative, you’re not a TRUE Christian Conservative”. You see, what you are doing is bullying them! It’s also ironic to me that for some of us, in the back of our minds we have reserved a place for such racist exceptions and we just KNOW this is the time to utilize such a reservation. Let me tell you, I’d rather fill that space with air than the rare possibility of a lynching.

For every report that says Zimmerman was the aggressor, there is one that says Martin was and both theories of what happened are possible, with or without racism, which we can only speculate on because we are not in Zimmerman’s head. A black friend of Zimmerman’s came out and said he is not a racist. Tomorrow a former girlfriend or childhood friend will come out and say something different probably…and the world turns. People are so damn sure of themselves when that is impossible because none of us was actually there. Conservatives if you actually believe that your version of events which you accept is the only possibility and anyone who doesn’t accept it must have  hidden “-ist or -ic” horns attached to them, you have lowered yourself to the reasoning of many ( certainly not all)  Liberals and have reached the height of human arrogance. To be clear, there are Conservatives who think Zimmerman is guilty of racially profiling Martin, Conservatives who are uncertain and have reserved judgment until they get actual facts and there are others, who think that Zimmerman shot in self-defense as he said after being attacked by Martin. This same division of formed opinions exists among Liberals and Independents with differences in how many of them subscribe to which theory or lack of one only. There is nothing wrong with any of these positions and I may disagree with one or the other but I am humble enough to realize that I might be wrong.

Then there are a few White Conservatives who have gone to the other extreme and actually believe that Obama had Trayvon Martin  killed for political gain and I won’t entertain wild conspiracy theories – not my style and I have better things to do. I may not like Obama’s policies or leadership but I’m not that desperate to demonize him. Also some have started demonizing Trayvon Martin as a thug because of one picture, showing him allegedly throwing up gang signs, which is very flawed logic, although I will agree that the Liberal media has a definite agenda by purposely showing pictures of Trayvon that are probably a decade younger than he actually was at the time of his death. This is to maximize outrage by showing a “little boy” instead of the young man that he was. I don’t have a lot to say about the Black majority’s reaction or Liberal reaction because I expected it. Any Conservative who is surprised has been living under a rock. Jackson and Sharpton are doing what they do but I am very disgusted by Farrakhan’s strong hints for retaliation, Spike Lee tweeting Zimmerman’s address and the New Black Panther Party putting a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head – way too 1960’s Jim Crow South mob mentality like for me. I have no interest in traveling back in time to that time with role reversals – you Liberals can have that bigotry to yourselves.

Now even with the misleading pictures, they don’t prove either version of events and are irrelevant in terms of guilt or innocence although I’m sure the masses of  potential jurors got enough exposure to make it hard to find objective people, when this trial begins, now that Zimmerman has been charged. For the life of me I just don’t understand why we can’t just get the objective truth instead of all the twists and propaganda. Now a few Conservatives (a very few) have said to me varying versions of “no don’t write posts like this because they will divide Conservatives” – to those persons I say: I’ve never been afraid to criticize any group I belong to (tactfully & after careful thought mind you) and the Conservative movement is no different. I know one thing with certainty, this incident has taught me a lot, namely that Liberals are not the only ones who have some growing to do.

(Originally published on 3-26-12)

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