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The Google Drama

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This is my two cents on the Google Drama, in the aftermath of them firing James Damore. It’s necessary to know the story before you begin reading my response, so here it is:

It’s amazing how many people have misunderstood & utterly failed to comprehend the long memo written by now former Google employee James Damore. He made a point in his response to being fired, published in the WSJ, which is lost on far too many, and that is the culture that is Google. I’m sorry, but Google can hardly claim to be a mere “employer”. They have a campus with residential dwellings for employees. Meals are free in the cafeteria & rival those of some restaurants I hear. You can bring your beloved pets and/or children to work – they have daycare & petcare for employees. Employees can take a nap if needed – there’s a place for that. They pay well & have stellar benefits which cater to any family type. There are people who’d perform certain favors to work there if they could. Google is a way of life. You can’t fart without someone there to make sure the smell doesn’t disrupt the ambiance of their workspa. Those are just a few benefits.

When you, as an “employer” & business entity, are so deeply entrenched into the lives of your employees (a misnomer too really, but I digress), you don’t get to hide behind the subterfuge of the normal rules of so called discrimination & political etiquette, that “normal” employers adhere to. And Damore didn’t discriminate against anyone. He wrote the 20 page memo in a work environment that allows such free time for innovation & creativity. Google isn’t just a place to work – it’s literally home too, for some. If Google hasn’t cleared the blurred lines between work & home in its policies, there’s a very good case to be made in his defense.

Folks, this is silly and outrageous. You don’t get to have so much room as an employer to involve yourself fully into the lives of your employees then abandon them when outsiders peep in & don’t understand. Google isn’t an employer, they’re not even in loco parentis, heck they ARE the parents. Shame on them for cutting the umbilical cord instead of being as nurturing as they’ve been in every other aspect of their employees lives, work-relatedness notwithstanding.

Until next musing,

Talitha K. McEachin

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Planned Parenthood on Gosnell Conviction: “It’s the Law’s Fault”


So abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first degree murder (three counts) for killing babies, some Kermit Gosnellborn alive (and ending late term pregnancies which is against the law in his state) & this is what Planned Parenthood had to say in the aftermath of his conviction:

“This case has made clear that we must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal abortion, and we must reject misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.”

First of all, Gosnell was not in some back alley, boot-legged, backwater illegal clinic. He was a licensed physician who worked in a legal abortion clinic. He knew he was breaking the law when he was cutting the spines of babies born alive and those he snatched from the womb late term. Planned Parenthood thinks women everywhere should have access to abortion at any stage of the pregnancy & because some states don’t allow late term abortions, they are allegedly “restricting access” & forcing women to the arms of unethical doctors like Kermit Gosnell.

No one told these women to wait until they were late in their pregnancies to decide to have an abortion – they chose to do that. Abortions become more expensive the further along you are not cheaper. I don’t advocate abortion but if your state only allows them up to a certain point you’d better hot tail it in there before that point if you want to murder your child legally. These women knew he was giving them the “hook-up” if you will, by killing their babies for them past the legal time limit & I don’t believe for one second that they didn’t know what he was doing was illegal. Planned Parenthood is blaming the limits in the laws of some states for Gosnell’s actions & that’s the most despicable, irresponsible thing I have heard from them in a while. It’s the fault of those women that they waited until their babies were in some cases fully formed & able to live outside of the womb to have an abortion. It’s also the fault of AMA licensed, Hippocratic oath swearin’ Kermit Gosnell for breaking the law & not giving those women an emphatic “No, you’re too far along” answer as was his duty. He killed those babies and a jury has convicted him of three counts of 1st degree murder on yesterday appropriately. No, Planned Parenthood, it’s not the law’s fault so stop making excuses & using tragedy to advance your immoral cause. Planned Parenthood’s alacrity to expand abortion laws everywhere in the US has nothing to do with women’s rights or combating “restricting access” to women, it has everything to do with expanding their profits. The wider the pregnancy range the larger their clientele base. There’s no subterfuge to conceal their motive. The fact remains that just like any other business, they want to make profits.

I’m not certain of Gosnell’s exact motivations to break the law and abort those born alive & late term babies. It could have been greed – abortion is a money maker for these clinics & very profitable. Women who have the means pay for them & those who cannot are subsidized by the federal government. No matter your income level, if you want an abortion, as a society we’ve ensured that you’ll have access to one, even though free contraception such as condoms and various forms of birth control is ubiquitous in America nowadays. He could have felt empathy towards the mothers who came to him, late in their pregnancies out of desperation and decided to help them by taking away the apparent burden of motherhood. It could be a combination of those and other reasons – we’ll never know. What we do know is that he took the lives of so many babies by snapping their spines with scissors, even though they were old & developed enough to live outside of the womb with proper medical care. What I’d like to know is when will we as a society return to decency & start valuing all life at all levels again. When will we shun the Gosnells of the world and stop making excuses for immorality and illegal acts. Unfortunately, in respect for my own life I won’t hold my breath but I won’t give up hope either.

baby in the womb

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5





UPDATE: Kermit Gosnell waived his right to an appeal to avoid the death penalty. He was sentenced today with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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President Obama’s Cabinet Lacks Diversity

Obama-Winking-300x200You know, not that I really care that Barack Obama has filled his cabinet with white men (no women or minorities & I really don’t care because I try not to engage in identity politics) but some great points are made here. Let me say that I don’t care if the men selected by Barack Obama are purple, I am concerned about whether or not they are competent white men who best represent the American people. Far too often in American politics are the arguments center stage regarding racial, gender or sexual preference demographics, when the focus should be on qualifications & competence. I’ll take 20 competent white men over one incompetent woman or black person any day & vice-versa. This is the man who bypassed fiscal issues almost entirely & campaigned relentlessly on “women’s reproductive rights” & towards women in general, as well as Hispanics & the LGBT community. He didn’t bother to campaign to black people because he knew he could ignore us & we’d still vote for him in droves. That’s just what the black vote has become – blindly faithful to the Democratic party. Before any liberals start bringing up the GOP straw man arguments, I have stated many times before that I advocate for black people to register as Independents & look at each platform & forget party affiliation. It is so ironic to me, that the man who almost entirely campaigned on women’s rights, has a cabinet with no women or minorities. I mean, diversity is allegedly a concern of his, right?. Barack Obama is a charlatan & he’ll say and do anything to get certain votes then does whatever he wants to do. No surprise there from he & many politicians, for that matter. Can you imagine the media backlash that a Republican president would receive if he appointed all white men to his cabinet? As I said, I don’t care that Obama has appointed all white men, especially if they are qualified & competent, it’s just the double standard & hypocrisy that I detest. A white, Republican president who appoints no women or minorities would immediately be labeled a racist and/or a misogynist! George Bush appointed more minorities to cabinet positions than Barack Obama, now what does that tell you? The man is as fake on issues of diversity (among others) as a $3 bill. President Obama, after making such a huge deal out of “women’s rights” & diversity, put your appointments where your mouth is or leave it alone:

Roland Martin, Rosa Brooks & Reihan Salam discuss the lack of diversity in the Obama cabinet.

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Rush Limbaugh vs Sandra Fluke – My opinion

Ok some of you have asked me for my thoughts on the whole Rush Limbaugh debacle and first let me say that I don’t listen to Limbaugh regularly ( because I have better things to do like watch paint dry) but sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I disagree. Putting my personal feelings aside, it bothers me the way Conservatives like he and Ann Coulter, for example, are not allowed to have personalities. Now don’t get me wrong, his personal attacks towards Sandra Fluke – calling her a slut, went too far but I agree with his overall sentiments. You know it’s not enough that in history contraceptives became legal (yes there was a time when they were illegal ) and women and men are free to purchase them. Now, that’s not good enough and many Liberals want private insurance companies to be forced to provide them. Listen folks, putting all the moral/religious conflicts aside (because they are irrelevant really), it is unconstitutional for the federal government to coerce a private business to sell a certain product. I would argue that some women (certainly not all or most) have a medical necessity for birth control and those needs should be addressed if no other solution is available. Sandra Fluke is using the medical need that SOME women have to get birth control for herself because she says that birth control is too expensive while in law school. Her need is not a medically necessary one and her motives are selfish. She is taking advantage of the fact that there are women for whom it is a necessity so her sexual habits will be covered – Shame on you Ms. Fluke! It’s just like the Liberals who are pro-abortion and they just want to be able to have abortions paid for by someone else so they say “But what about the women who become pregnant from rape or incest? Should they be forced to have the baby?” They purposely present the worst possible scenario in order to appeal to people’s emotions rather than reason. They know full well that the overwhelming majority of women who have abortions do so as a form of birth control and women who want to have one after rape or incest are absolutely the small minority. In fact, over 85% of pregnant rape victims DO NOT have abortions, but, I digress. What troubles me even more is that Sandra Fluke along with many other women who want their contraceptives covered almost never consider the other options. So, here they are:

#1 If you can’t afford safe sex, then STOP having sex until you CAN! (for the record I support abstinence before marriage)

#2 Look at your expenses and cut back in other areas (cut the $5 a day StarBucks habit or do your own pedicures & manicures if having sex is THAT important to you.)

#3 Go to the government run health clinic and get low to no cost contraceptives like everyone else! (Does Ms. Fluke think she is too good for this?)

#4 Georgetown University’s insurance is mandatory & there is only one choice, so she could start a movement to have a choice on campus or get a supplemental plan that pays for it or reduces the cost of contraceptives – that would earn more respect than thinking she is “entitled” to it & trampling over the Constitution.

and finally:

#5 Listen Ms Fluke, if your boyfriend wants some “loving” make HIM pay! Sandra Fluke says birth control costs her around $3000 for the entire time she will be in law school ( $1000/year). Listen, she’s not having sex by herself (maybe that should be #6) so if he wants to sleep with her HE can split the cost or pay for it entirely. The taxpayers are not  benefiting from providing her with birth control pills nor do we want to! Some of us can barely afford our own contraceptives, let alone those of others. Rush Limbaugh expressed this crudely by saying she should provide us with a video of her sexual acts if we have to pay for them, (come on now Rush!) but I understand his use of absurdity to make a point and where he is coming from!

Another interesting point is that feminists like Sandra Fluke and Nancy Pelosi think that Conservatives who think like me and private insurance companies that do not cover birth control are “infringing upon the rights of women”.  Bear in mind that no one is preventing a woman from obtaining contraceptives, you just can’t force a particular company to make it available for them. Women are free to get prescriptions from their doctors and fill them at one of the numerous government run health clinics at low or no cost,or any pharmacy in the world if their insurance does not cover them.  Ms. Fluke and all of her liberal feminist friends,overlook the fact that it is they who discriminate against men! It is ironic to me that  those fighting against private insurance companies that don’t cover contraceptives and abortifacients, want them, to cover them in the name of “women’s health” but they do not campaign for free condoms or vasectomies for men! – as if a woman can get pregnant without a man. Even a test tube baby requires male sperm. Is this reverse gender discrimination perhaps?

The bottom line is that we are each responsible for our own behavior and habits. I don’t care what anyone else does in the privacy of their bedroom and  I’d appreciate it if Liberals would stop trying to force us to participate in a menage a trois of sorts, by shoving us into their bedrooms with our tax dollars and their partners – No thanks! Not interested! What is next paying for cigarettes for people who can’t afford them or forcing Marlboro to hand them out for free or low cost? I don’t approve of Limbaugh’s name-calling and the crude nature of his remarks, but I certainly agree with his underlying sentiments. The tax payers and private insurance companies are not “Johns” and if you want to have sex pay for your own dam condoms, birth control and abortions (and no I don’t approve of nor support abortion) – leave the private sector alone and stay out of taxpayers pockets!

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